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  1. Delete the preferences folder in AppData and maybe the caches too. My guess is some kind of action creates a "view" that doesn't show anybody - notice how the name/UID/etc columns are all gone. I might have killed the process with task manager before it gave me the ghost view?
  2. I can open both on windows. I might be wrong but I think last time they had to patch it in so you could open 19 + 20 simultaneously.
  3. Thanks a lot, that was an easy fix. File --> export, it'll save as a .xml file, you can open it in notepad.
  4. Can I trade places with someone who doesn't have the editor please?
  5. This looks like the difference between 20 and 21's "new player entry" in the XML
  6. Think that's self-explanatory? I was worried this was just a problem with my teetering, rickety 03-04 database but it looks more widespread than that. Interestingly, players who were "created from copy" do show up.
  7. It's also yet another new UI feature that doesn't show the player faces when it would look much better with them.
  8. Steamdb could just be working off of American time? If it comes out at midnight UK time as expected, that's 7:00 EST, 11/23 American time
  9. Did Alen Halilovic to Birmingham go through in time for 21.1 (or whatever it's called) or has the time lock already passed?
  10. Everything in the same faces folder, and use my config file instead of theirs, yeah. I will port 03-04 to FM21 but I don't know how long it will take. I'd say after Christmas. Maybe earlier if the editor is faster this year. This stuff is not actually difficult to do, it's just tedious. I think I gave my outline here. The FM editor doesn't let you mass edit birth years, so you have to convert the 06-07 file to an xml and find+replace the birth years, moving them one year forward (2006-->2007, 2005-->2006, and so on, and so on)
  11. I should know this, but will the AI for the CPL teams that don't have reserves or U19s find ways to keep their fringe players/youth fit? Friendlies, etc?
  12. You got it - I combine my facepack with the giant sortitoutsi facepack. So in all those links I post, the only players there are the players I created with brand new ID numbers. Maldini, Nesta etc. aren't in my facepacks because they're still in the FM20 database. Unfortunately the sortitoutsi facepack is 18 gigs or something, but it would be very difficult for me to go team by team and find everyone.
  13. 1) Download the newest facepack for player faces from all the leagues, it has everything - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tZGbtd40KOzA_A-Je8yt_h4SI8xlCbGE/ 2) Don't bother with the .fmf files, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to start a new game. I hope they fixed it for FM21 but who knows. 3) Download the newest save game file and put it in the folder with all your other saves (windows default: documents/si/fm20/games) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1glDws7xLGGsWUijt-56PzJcdqHHDSkCb/ I don't have a kit pack for this but it probably isn't too hard to find "retro kits,
  14. How do individual team talks work? As I see it, the interface is telling me that I need to uncheck 13 boxes to tell Liam Noble that he scored a nice goal. But there's no way that's how it works. It has to be something else.
  15. Yeah, I wouldn't want the game to go crazy with it, and I can see how it can be a balancing issue. At the same time I think that on a large database U-19, U-20 national teams from fairly big inactive countries should usually have a few domestic players, not only Nigerian-English kids who can't get a game for Dulwich Hamlet. I don't remember it being a problem before FM20 but I might not have been looking as closely. The game is not very transparent about which country is going to get players, and I think things like "there are barely any players I can scout and sign in most of Africa a few yea
  16. Any news on this issue? I like my beta save a lot but I kind of want this to get sorted out before I go too deep in it.
  17. Sheffield United youth player Hassan Ayari (28128175) should have a Tunisian second nationality, along with USA + Northern Ireland. Think he was born to a Tunisian father in the USA, then raised in NI, so he's a tri-national?
  18. Liverpool youth player Abdi Sharif (28115790) should have Somali second nationality. Club website says he was born in Somalia.
  19. Let's gooooo. Morpeth Town, known as "The Highwaymen." Got four goals from my striker in my first game, so I'm not expecting to hear too much from him for another couple months.
  20. I've noticed it too. GK gets a low rating if he doesn't have anything to do. If it's just that, it's an easy fix.
  21. Aren't the players in the OP "grey players," not newgens? I guess it still is a bug but it's been like that for ages now. I think I did notice a few more newgens with names from the wrong "nameset." It's tricky because these people do exist irl - Carl Jenkinson is Finnish, born in London; Tim Howard and Deandre Yedlin are Hungarian and Latvian. But these people with "random" nationalities from the mother's side should be born in England/USA/USA respectively, not Finland/Hungary/Latvia. The 6'5" Trump kid who played for one of the DC United academy teams would have a Slovenian nationality
  22. Up as "few regens from asia, africa.fm." I was trying to do a dafuge setup thing so I added lower league players from a few leagues in England, which might trip some wires in how the regens come out? If it's not that, this should be popping up in every game: there is no youth intake from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, DR Congo...
  23. Yeah, I'm having trouble with the columns too. I thought they mostly got that right (finally) in FM20 so maybe it won't be a hard fix.
  24. I have a holiday save up to February 2022 (not ridiculously long, but still) and it looks like there's no youth intake at all for any African nations besides Egypt? Pretty sure it's on large database, no extra players. I thought this was an issue in FM20 as well but it would at least produce a few players in the first season. edit: no players from Japan or Korea either. I think if you're running a large database with 70,000 players, 50-100 each from Africa and Asia every year shouldn't slow the game down in comparison to the huge number of hopeless lower league players the game generates
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