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  1. Rather in line with AS Monaco's real life emphasis, I am going to attempt an ultra realistic save with Monaco via squeezing every last drop from their academy. Despite the well documented riches they have amassed through player sales, I intend to resist as much as I can allow and try to look further to home. Diop, Badiashille, N'gakoutou and Sylla are a few of the players I look forward to growing. Every 3 months will be the update period, so for now a quick recap on pre-season/tactical ideas/prospects. Pre-season was a mixed bag. With no money spent (Gnoukouri on a free) and no outgoing, apart from a few loans, we persisted with the current crop and mixed in a few young players like Colina (Croatian LB) and Muyumba (French DM). The main set up is a fairly rudimentary 4-2-3-1. However experimentation with the right flank, given Utd and L'pool's interest in Sidibe, saw Henrichs/Toure playing as an inverted wingback looking to underlap either Grandisir/M'boula. This combed with Tielemans/Golovin as the right sided CM could see some interesting movements. Early signs of the IWB's positioning are show below (2). The RB slotting in at RCM while the actual RCM underlaps the RW is the idea. Tactically the save is still developing and with PSG next in the Trophee des Champs we shall see how were shaping up. Anyways, that is it for this brief introduction. This thread is as much for myself as it is for anyone to read so hopefully the brevity of it, due to time constraints, does not irritate. Monaco; the academy project sums it up adequately and hopefully the next instalment will be lengthier. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know how the II (reserve) teams work in the Bundesliga? The Regionaliga isn't int the game so am I right in thinking the reserves don't get any game time? Bit disappointed if so as youth developments a big part of my saves!
  3. Hello chaps, Having a pop with Marseille this year. They've got a great starting squad albeit a bit light on young talent. Here are my transfers, I've tried to keep it semi-realistic; thinning the squad and investing in some french prospects. Trying to avoid the temptation to stack my squad with Wonderkids as it's both unrealistic and could make the save short-lived. Tactic wise this has been in good in preseason. Allows Payet to be the fulcrum and makes some nice movements with Sanson drifting wide as a Mezzala ect. Will update in December (in game of course), Cheers.
  4. Pulled off 3 pretty good deals in my first window at OGC Nice. Jeremy Toulalan to add some more experience to a young side. Signed on a free. Josue, needed a passer and he fits the bill. Signed on a free. Saber Khalifa. Signed for £170K, back up for Balotelli/Plea and adds quality depth up top. If you're starting a new save, be sure to check these out!
  5. How well do the u23 squads develop considering they aren’t in a league on the game?
  6. And yeah, Meyer deep on FM is a big no-no, he's utterly crap defensively. I mean you could try to train him there, as you have Goretzka/McKennie/Bentaleb/Stambouli who have the work rate to cover for him. But yeah, Meyer is better in the AM I think.
  7. If you're still looking for a tactic of sorts, I have found Bustthenet's 4-2-3-1 guide to be great and fit Schalke really well. With Oczipka having great crossing, I usually encourage him to get forward and Coke/Kehrer to be the more reserved full-back. Nastasic's ball playing abilities complement Naldo's brute force well, and a double pivot of Bentaleb as a DLP-S and Goreztka as the engine, Volante-A, works good. I play Kono on the left as in IF to utilise his trickery (one of Schalkes best players), and Harit/Meyer in the AM as a AM as they drop deep and help transition the midfield up. Caligiuri on the right as a W-A to add width and to stretch the game, or Burgstaller as a Raumdeuter to use the space thats created by the passing combinations on the left of the pitch. Up front is up for grabs, with Embolo and Advidaj offering very opposite options. Anyway heres the guide I used...
  8. Seeing as there is no Udinese thread on here, I'll begin one! Is anyone currently playing as Udinese? On first look they see to have a really nice squad with some unbelievable youth players.
  9. Wow, this thread has inspired me. I've watched a hell of a lot of Napoli over the past couple of years, and feel I should give this a go! Will post results!
  10. Does anybody have any general tips about managing the B and C team's development and keeping them providing youngsters? Do you buy prospects and put them in your B/C teams? I have noticed my Sociedad C team has pretty crap staff, no-one wants to join, and they aren't in any competition! Also if you set your DOF to take control of transfers for the B and C team, do they actually make any?
  11. Nice! I myself am playing as Sociedad and have some question regarding B and C teams? I notice the C teams doesn't have any league or fixtures and pretty bad staff, did they not develop at all over the season as a result? and do the B and C teams bring in their own players, as i notice the B team has a chief scout, so I set for them to do their own transfer work. Thanks!
  12. It's not nice to say, but 'coming out' will never be accepted or the norm in football. The sport is ingrained in the 'working class' mentality, after all thats where its roots are. The whole 'working class' thing isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there is in-build homophobia/racism which has festered in the sport and culture for so long. But big up SI for putting it in, its a gimmick but fair play.
  13. Alex Gersbach Lundqvist or Wahlqvist, one of those in a left back!
  14. If I'm not mistaken, Sigurdsson is quite athletic and very well rounded so could possibly be well suited to al if the roles? And he is of course the cheapest. I have Ward-Prowse in my Saints save and he doesn't seem to score a lot despite playing as an attacking no.10.
  15. Hi guys, I just played FM with Retina setting and oh. my. lord. It was the most glorious thing I've ever seen. However, my laptop sounded like it was about to take off, whilst simultaneously burning itself alive. Anyone here play on a macbook with Retina, and if so, how do you manage it? Do you have any tips as to how I could manage to play with retina display? I don't think I can bring myself to go back to the standard display. Cheers
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