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  1. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    A few thoughts. a) Playing Pogba so deep surely negates his impact. His best asset is his strength and box to box capacity, to play him so deep fails to utilise his major asset. Even Matic isn't amazingly well suited to a 4-3-3, though it can work. b) Why would Khedira be played as a roaming playmaker? He has the energy, but (and I don't have the stats in front of me, so I could very well be wrong) have the vision or technical proficiency to be a playmaker. c) Fabregas is fine. Whatever offensive role you put him in, he thrives. d) Willian for me is a better AP/S or W/S (or even a DW/S at RM). Otherwise your team could easily become narrow.
  2. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    Selling Oscar is total heresy, but if you are set on Pogba, then the price isn't horrific for a first season purchase. What system? If 4-3-3 then it is more understandable, especially with the presence of Fabregas at the tip of 3. If a 4-2-3-1, then I personally think you would be better off with someone else. Have you tried putting Fabregas in the pivot and get Oscar to come very deep in order not to get overrun. By all means, go for it if you can afford it and think that Pogba is the best option for your system, just presenting an alternative view.
  3. Thanks, hadn't thought of them. What would you say there playing style is? I know they have Cassano, so I am presuming they don't just long ball it.
  4. Nation: Anything in the big 5. Division: Top European Competition:None/Europa League Media Prediction: Board Expectation(s):9th-15th Transfer Budget:Irrelevant Wage Budget:Irrelevant Finances:Irrelevant Other: Any team that has a clear and distinct identity. Thanks in advance, feel free to disregard the specification, the identity is by far the most important.
  5. Kiessling is immense especially as a target man.
  6. Use Taiwo he has been integral to in my 5 seasons. Will post a full update later today.
  7. Silly me put him in place of ramires.
  8. i will do this Cech Bosingwa Terry Luiz Cole Mikel Essien Malouda Lampard Torres Drogba Would sign up long term replacements for Drogba and lamps.
  9. chelsea in fm will now be unbeatable.
  10. Cavani - the best role??

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/230216-FM11-Official-Player-Role-and-Duty-Thread?p=5998072#post5998072 Post it here.
  11. Incaase you do good guide one of the setter ones i have seen.
  12. Ronseal™

    History is easy you just have to answer the questions in a set way and you should do what you enjoy rather than ease. IMHO school was easy and lacked depth cant wait for uni as it is actually decent.
  13. Ronseal™

    Psychology is awesome Buisness is utter rubbish as it contains really basic stuff ICT is not great either go for history and Psychology maybe ICT.
  14. I am starting a bolton save. Will keep you updated.
  15. Good idea I will do one on community:fm.