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  1. @knap do you think you could try and make a 4132 with 3 cms? throw back to the old cm days. not sure if the lack of width would make it a bit crap?
  2. hello. thanks for getting back to me. i uploaded the save as 'blyth media prediction error' cheers!
  3. as the title says. i may be missing something obvious here but it's the first time it's ever happened to me so not sure what's going on. really annoying!
  4. does anyone know why my assistant manager isn't arranging any friendlies for me? the option is checked. never had this happen before so i'm at a bit of a loss
  5. ah cool no worries. like i said it seems a bit farfetched to be related to a small database change but thought i'd ask anyway. still not sure why it's happening though but it's driving me insane! thanks anyway
  6. i've no idea if it's due to this brexit file but my assistant manager isn't arranging any friendlies for any of my age groups at all. just wondered if you've experienced the same thing? can't see how the 2 can be related but thought i'd ask anyway as i've never had this issue before
  7. has anyone actually scored an injury time goal on this version? once the game hits 90 minutes it's over. never get any highlights it's really weird
  8. fancied something a bit different and i remember reading somewhere that chertanovo in the russian first division have a youth only policy and the game doesn't actually allow you to buy players..so started a save with them. 1st season - 4th with 82 pts just missing out on promotion 2nd season - 1st with 79 pts 3rd season - came 14th out of 16 teams and luckily won the relegation playoff to stay up just started 4th season and after 5 games i'm 3rd with 10 pts it's been pretty fun not being able to sign anyone. makes preseason incredibly quick and stress free my team is pretty terrible as expected but i have a couple of decent players. it's kinda cool having the same players for years and developing them. would recommend it for anyone wanting a challenge. used venom&faith no loss the whole time
  9. @knap Have you noticed any differences in performance or had to adjust anything? Is it more difficult? Haven't played for a few days
  10. That's what I'm thinking. Desperate to start my long term save in vanarama north but worried about Brexit ruining it. Might just mess about in some other leagues for a week or so
  11. reading the new brexit rules it looks like it'll be hard to sign any foreigners in the future. is anyone deep enough into a save to say if this is true or not? bit hesitant to start a long term save incase they change it somehow for the full release
  12. thank you. i assumed it was something like that. i did have the ass man set to do it but now i'm doing it and nothings changed thought it was state whether the ass man was doing or if i had to do it based on staff responsibilities
  13. does anyone else know where or when the tactical briefing takes place now? on fm20 it used to inbox you the day before a match and let you skip it or whatever but it's not appearing this year at all. not sure if it's been moved or i'm going mad
  14. I'll send it you later if things don't improve. At work atm. No I haven't tried changing the mentality. Usually have success in lower leagues with the same tactics I use as utd. As for transfers - yeh I guess so. Tend to just sign a bunch of 3* guys on free transfers which usually does the trick. I mean I am about mid table so struggling seems a bit of an exaggeration. It's just that previous years I always had back to back promotions fairly comfortably, and that was on full release so you'd think this year it'd be even easier since it's a beta
  15. Started a save with man u just to get into the swing of things. Won the league with 102pts. Then started a long term save with Blyth Spartans and am struggling so bad they are predicted 21st tbf but it's usually easy to over achieve in the lower leagues
  16. every version i seem to struggle to sell players and this year is no different. would love to know how the ai get so much for their players. got a player valued at 26m who has played quite a few games for me this season and done well. offered him out for just his value thinking i'd get that super easy. nothing. just tried 10m and still no offers. does anyone have any tips?
  17. hello. when on the scouting > knowledge map would it be possible to make it so we can see the name of the country when hovering over it? correct me if i'm wrong but currently i can't find any way to find out which countries are which and have to go on google and search for said countries in order to know which ones i need to scout to increase knowledge. cheers!
  18. Oh nice thanks. I will give it a go when I'm home from work. Although you probably had a similar record on fm20 with it using Liverpool? I found it to be inconsistent with me.. however that was in like 2030 with a db full of newgens, not sure if that'd make a difference
  19. Loving the game so far. Dislike the big glaring white boxes on your messages though. Like the skin is made up of nice dark colours but on some messages there's a big white background that hurts my eyes and makes the font harder to read. It almost feels like a glitch it's so out of place
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