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  1. using the 4141 when playing tough away games seems to be working wonders. don't really want to use it at home aswell cos i find it such a boring formation. obviously fm being fm now my away results have improved i lose at home to newcastle putting an end to a 53 game unbeaten home run :D then get pumped by city a few games later. that might be because i've been using parisienne424 this season where as before i was using hgf451

    home and away results below - check out the games i used 4141. have never had that success before just using 1 tactic



  2. 2 minutes ago, AaronRedDevil said:

    Manchester United | Season 1 Results | DARK SIDE OF THE MOON 4312 P106 EC FA Salah 75 Goals

    Won both Premier Division & European Cup.

    Beat Liverpool at home on last game of season to win league and beat Man City 3-0 in UCL final :)

    Thoughts on tactic:

    1. Very dependent on the strikers who get vast majority of goals. Suffered mid-season slump in results when they stopped performing.

    2. Not that easy to build squad for formation due to need of ML & MR plus other positions

    3. 2nd half of season after drop in performance I played with Positive mentality, Standard defensive line and removed "Get Stuck In"

    As always, great work Knap!





    bet that final game was nerve wracking!

  3. i've probably lost like 1 home game in the last 5 seasons. it's the away games that kill me. but i'm never actually the underdog so it's really annoying :D i noticed the hgf 451 is top of the underdog test but i've used that for like 2 seasons now and it's still falling short in the big away games. the city games are hard as our teams ca is pretty much identical but i'm in 2040 and despite having amuch better team than chelsea, liverpool, spurs etc i still rarely beat them. obviously there should always be an advantage to the home team to some degree but i think it's way over of the top on this game, would be nice if they could turn it down a notch.

    think i'll try the 4141 in tough away games as knap recommends, despite performing slightly worse than the hgf in the underdog test

  4. 2 minutes ago, Heywood JaBlowme said:

    Highest ratings don't necessarily mean best PK taker. I've seen it before. If my best rated player misses 2 PK's, he's DONE. I don't want him anywhere near the penalty spot again.  

    well i mean you'd think that the 3 attributes that are literally highlighted for penalties would mean they would be the best choice. i think you are right though any time i manually choose my takers it feels like it's a coin toss as to whether they score or not. dunno if it's just a buggy game/super keepers/hidden attributes/something else :D gonna just give them to my captain i think. he won't let me down!

  5. 4 hours ago, oliverdanielbeddow said:

    I love these tactics, I also use the training schedules of 1 or 2 matches per week. But I am four years in and always get absolutely killed by injuries, it's almost like I need 3 players for every position. Should I downgrade my training intensity? 

    Out of interest who are you managing and how are you doing? I keep switching between letting my AM do my training and using downloaded schedules. Still trying to work out which is better. Probably just me being paranoid but I'm sure it has a huge impact on results and I'm not sure if it's a positive or negative :D

  6. 10 minutes ago, Whufc10000 said:

    I am so confused.

    I was on my way out when I posted before, so decided to download the tactic when I got back. 

    I've clicked onto the me v21.4/21.5 and all the tactics appear mixed up, whereas before they were all listed with tactics of the same formation?

    My OCD is going banana's

    there's a little v thing that looks like a wifi signal at the top of each column. click that and you can sort them a-z or z-a. do it for the formation column if that's what you want to sort

  7. 45 minutes ago, RossGib900 said:


    Aa mentioned, time 108 been smashing it for me in s7.

    Only issue is in recent games, stopped being as effective. Any advice?

    Change for a few games?

    are any of your players unhappy? i've noticed that if i play any unhappy players in my team away from home it always goes balls up. figured it out last night as i usually have 22 really good players and have to rotate them to keep them happy, occasionally they get unhappy so i'll obviously try to play them more. i tested it loads and i've definitely noticed you can get away with playing them in home games but away? no chance.

    may not even be related to your problem but just thought i'd throw it out there incase it helps anyone else! 

  8. is there anything else that could cause a tactic to get better over time apart from just the tactic familiarity bars? just asking because i had hgf pts107 loaded for ages so it was 100% fluid. switched to it and drew 4 of my 5 first league games struggling to score. decided to stick with it and have won 9 of my last 10 often scoring 3/4/5. wondering if there's something hidden that i ain't aware of :D 

  9. was busy irl so did a quick season holiday to see how the venom and faith 4132 would do. didn't think it would do so well as i have been a bit inconsistent when playing myself. it is an elite team so no wonder the results are similar to a liverpool one i guess. playing properly now so hopefully i can do just as well!


  10. 1 hour ago, knap said:


    I suggest you use 3 tactics and mix up how you play

    . Squad will be used to Warrior and current tactic. Maybe also strikerless with Strikers which may fraw a defensive AI out a bit more.

    cheers. i switched to beowulf pts 106 after the hgf pts 105 became a bit inconsistent. but beowulf was pretty similar to be fair (it's the one i'm using in the screenshot i posted earlier). after the norwich defeat at home i started using rdf training and also trained everyone in the position they play in. results seem to have improved but i've tried this before and always have a bit of a bounce before it all comes crashing down again :D we'll see. i've said it before but maybe because i'm in 2037 the leagues just more competitive possibly? although i'm not sure on that because i had a quick look at some of the teams ca's with genie and most of them aren't much different from the real life database, which seems odd as so many teams in the pl have some insane regens atm and i'm pretty sure the ca should be a lot higher than they are

    screenshot below is from when i changed the training



  11. 14 minutes ago, knap said:


    What is there determination like for the squad.

    The problem with under dogs is over confidence and the AI playing mostly defensive. I did not see anything in the save pre update.

    determination is 16 on average which is highest in the league. when i do draw or lose my xg is always like 3/4 vs their 0.5/1 just can't score many goals for some reason

  12. does anyone know why i drop so many silly points all the time? obviously you can't win every game but i have an elite team and every season i drop like 20 points to crap teams :D doesn't matter which tactic i use. dunno whether to keep letting am do my training but then knap + most others do fine with it . ps liverpool are a mid table team also :D


  13. 2 minutes ago, knap said:



    My 1st tactic was the Oxford tactic 4321 but had Barrows which meant it was a 4141 when defending.

    ah fair enough. i'm sure it was a 442 but yes i remember the barrows. i definitely rememeber a 442 (maybe it was on a later version) and thinking there's no way a 442 can work on fm..but yeh it was unreal

  14. 17 minutes ago, knap said:


    That HGF was top tactic in ME 21.3. 

    I shall raise a glass to you tonight, and my first tactic was in FM08

    yeh i'm sure i remember it! if i remember correctly it was a 442? i remember seeing all these weird tactics released and then you came along with a basic 442 and i was thinking who is this guy? but it was incredible :D and the rest is history

  15. @knap

    was using dark side of the moon 4132 all season and while it was very high scoring i was still dropping the occasional silly points. mainly in the big away games but also at home to teams like norwich and derby. i was still flying in the league but still wanted more. just noticed you updated the spreadsheet so switched to the hgf pts105 which is currently in the lead (still early days of course as you've only tested 3!) but it is doing absolutely amazing so far. and you made it way back in november! almost at the end of the season so no point posting any screenshots as i've used several different tactics. will hopefully finish a whole season with the hgf and post some results.


    also it's my birthday today so will be sending you some beer money later no doubt when i'm drunk. really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to this to make it more enjoyable for the rest of us. it's crazy to think i've been using your tactics since 08 i think? cheers knap!

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