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  1. All nations with a PC which is 5 years old now. Runs quite well with all of them loaded since an FM or 3 ago.
  2. Does anyone remember Peter Prospar and Alexandros Papadopoulos? The first one was from Trinidad and Tobago the latter from Greece and I believe they were in the previous Championship Manager version. I don't remember what season though. They had some crucial stats for their positions and destroyed any opponent. You could pick them up for scratch at the start of the season. Besides those two, the young Wayne Rooney and the 13 year old (back in the days when kids were allowed in games) Freddy Adu are my other favourites. Lebohang Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi were crazy South African wonderkids and a must buy as well.
  3. Playing as Man Utd: Assistant Manager: Marco Landucci Coaches: Dennis Bergkamp , Aldo Dolcetti, Maurizio Trombetta, Paul McGuinness, Danny McGrain Goalkeeping Coaches: Hugo Oliveira, Pedro Jaro Fitness Coaches: Oliver Bartlett, Michael Lindeman/Simone Folletti HoYD: Bernhard Peters Director of Football: Ariedo Braida Youth Team coaches/Managers/Assistant Managers: Norbert Elgert, Tony McAndrew, Gordon Ewen, Darlan Schneider, Flavio Tenius, Joao Tralhao, Kevin Sheedy, Thomas Caers These give you mostly a 4.5 or 5 Star Coach rating depending on the save game.
  4. Try to get in Samaden or Bernhard Peters. Sometimes they have 17 or 18 tactical knowledge as well depending on the save.
  5. I was wondering if ppl get rid of the crazy amount of scouts at Man Utd to get a few but a lot better scouts instead or do you keep them all for the knowledge?
  6. You have to exploit your sugar daddy. I don't know how you can be pleased with buying Jimenez when you can buy Belotti. Or why you would keep Bennett if you can buy De Ligt. e.g. De Ligt I bought for 12.5 million euros up front and 30 mil on installments with an extra 5 mill after 30 league app. and 2.5 mil after 20 international app. That way you can keep most of your current transfer budget for other buys and when the balance goes in the red numbers your sugar daddy jumps in. But also hope you bought in well so you live up to expectations. After season 1 you can sell your best players for 150 mill to 200 mil in total if you strike good deals dont accept offers with installments, let them pay all up front). make the math for how many winderkids you can buy with that amount with my tactic
  7. I just finished my first season with them. Ended 9th in the PL, but I won the FA Cup against Liverpool. After promising to the board that I'd reach a CL spot (more transfer budget) I was close to being sacked so I had to bull*hit my way out in a meeting with them. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686726512 In the first transfer window I got in De Ligt, Upamecano, Tierney and Belotti as big catches and some high potential players such as Tonali, Doku, Fabio Silva, Morilla… which all got play time. I always offer 10-15 million euros(!) with most on monthly installments to lure the better wonderkids away. That's what a sugar daddy is for after all. I played a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide that I found on the net and adjusted slightly. You don't want Patricio to be a sweeper keeper... trust me. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686729413 Moutinho was my best player together with Traoré and Neves. Jimenez stopped scoring halfway through the season, ditto with Belotti which I loaned out to Everton during the winter transfer period (high wages). I had to put Jota in the striker position which worked out better for me. I didn't get too much to spend for 2019/2020 so I decided to sell quite some of my players 20-40 millions each (I kept Neves and Mouthinho) and got in a lot of big talents like Lafont, Foden, Declan Rice, Moise Kean, Lee Kangin, Dani Olmo, Pellegri, Lautaro Martinez, Dalot , Militao(Wonderkid backline ftw), and Gedson Fernandes with the same tactic as in the first season. There is Also a good Japanes player in the Middle East called Nakajima. I got him for my right winger spot. There ain't a lot of natural right winger wonderkids out there, or at least not any you can lure to Wolves, so I am retraining Nakajima and Olmo for that position. My staff (4 stars or more but can vary) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686734921 My scouts https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686735791 Just lost the Charity Shield against Liverpool with 3-0 with a Gegenpress tactic. I have some tweaking to do...
  8. Rudolf Zbinden (Swiss guy with knowledge on both sides)
  9. This guy used to be my teacher. He's a sportpsychologist that used to work for Club Brugge, and with some belgian athletes for the olympic games. He's been in the game for a few years now though, always with similar stats.
  10. Romeo Jozak has some african countries under his belt but is trainer in this FM at Legia. So hope he gets sacked
  11. Zbinden from Basel to get all south america as knowledge, Baicu from Monaco to get more eastern european countries.
  12. He is available on a free. I have all players possible loaded in the game, so all possible staff as well.
  13. He is in the game. Dave Parnaby is not though. My two casual coaches for my u23 teams.
  14. I had indeed a controller plugged in (which i hardly ever use). Just tried to save a game and it didn't show up anymore. I'll keep you up to date in case the issue returns.
  15. This happened in Beta also. When I try to save the game I get a different interface (xbox?) where i can still typ in but clicking on buttons is a bit harder since i can't always see my cursor. Sometimes he doesn't save on a new file even though i made one in the xbox? interface. It just saves over the current file. And sometimes the same crashes when it asks to replace the file.
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