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  1. I have great success with your RAW SIENNA 3421, and I'm trying to adapt one of the 2 striker formations (like this 352 or GOODBYE) to use for home games vs easier opponents. I'm wondering why do you usually put both strikers with the same role. I've been thinking about combining a F9/AF(A), or CF(S)/CF(A), or a DLF of some sort, just to spread the defense vertically so one striker makes room for the 2nd one. Do you think it's worth trying in current ME?
  2. Are player roles just convenient combinations of Player Instructions or something more? I wonder if I'll take a generic CM (support) and give him all the instructions that a Roaming Playmaker has, will he play exactly the same as a RP, or is there something else that makes a specific role more unique?
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