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  1. Not so much a bug but more an observation. Why is it that training/youth facilities rating of adequate is below average but in Junior Coaching/Youth Recruitment adequate is above average?
  2. In the pre-match interview I was asked a question regarding a player playing out of position that I wasn't.
  3. I noticed that the hashtags used for social media are not the ones used in real life. E.g. Arsenal is #Arsena not #Gunners and Sheffield Wednesday is #SheffWed not #swfc . I know it's a small thing but it does not look right when I look at it.
  4. Hi all Basically I've made a mistake. I always use larger database but in my excitement I have selected small database for my first save and don't want to lose the progress I've made by having to start again. Is there anyway of increasing the database size? Thanks for your help. Chris the Plonker
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