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  1. If he moves in game, he will indeed. If he did play those years in reality, but those years are not in the history or are "non-playing" years, he won't. This is illustrated by Zinho Vanheusden in @Jova's example. The guy was registered for Standard Liege between his 9th and 16th and is not considered HG for the League while he should. He's not considered HG for Europe either but that's normal. For Europe it's 3 years between 15 and 21.
  2. Fair enough. Can I get an answer though? I think that should be solved. The problem lies with players not getting considered HG when they're merely Belgian or when one or more of those 3 years are "non-playing" years. Keep in mind they won't necessarily be HG for Europe, as the requirements are not the same.
  3. No real answer once again. Have you made clear to the "coders" that this is urgent? The issue already existed in FM 17 and you guys basically understood the problem just now. Pretending you tried to solve the problem in 19.2 and 19.3 while you didn't even understood the problem feels like a total lack of respect. I'm curious to where the problem lies too (Communication? Laziness? Intelligence?). The game is making progress and is amazing all in all. Our issue is brushed aside like it's not important. So frustrating.
  4. @Ed Hewison @BelgianResearch @Freddie Sands @Neil Brock Can we get this fixed please? Apologizing is cute and all but we've been waiting for almost 3 years now.
  5. According to the screenshot you have right in front of you, it's not. Telling people it's fixed in patch notes and actually fixing them are two different things.
  6. Couldn't find it at 1st but found it now. Yeah it's actually even easier.
  7. Yes. It was. It's a shitshow really. I'll explain it to you, as you guys seem to completely missing the point. I'll illustrate with an example. To be "trained at a belgian club" (in the JPL), you need 3 years of registration with any belgian club before 23. JPL teams need 6 of those on any match day squad. Example: Luis Pedro Cavanda is considered "Trained at club (0-21)" in the 1st screen but doesn't count as such on the match squad (No "HGN" logo) or in the JPL squad registration.
  8. It was "adressed" (see patch notes) but not fixed.
  9. This comment right here tells me it won't be fixed. Literally no clue what the problem is and when it will be fixed.
  10. Shame you don't have the tools to get it completely right though.
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