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  1. It was "adressed" (see patch notes) but not fixed.
  2. Got rid of my shortlists, which held a lot of players. That seems to fix it.
  3. Hi! My game consistently freezes at some date (29/12/18) when I try to access the inbox. I can continue/go on holiday but when I click on the inbox, the game freezes on me. I've I use Claassen DB update for France and Belgium and am managing a club in the lowest league in France. No crash dump because the game doesn't really crash. I uploaded the save under "Inbox crash.fm" PC: Core i7-4860HQ GeForce GTX 980M GPU 32GB RAM
  4. The game completely freezes when I'm trying to access the inbox. It doesn't when I just continue. I have to access the inbox eventually though. It freezes on the 19.1.5 version too. Uploaded the save, it's called "Inbox crash.fm"
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