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  1. The tactic isn’t flawless. But too many red cards? I get an average of around 3/4 red cards, that’s pretty normal. It’s also a very attacking tactic so you will get hit on counter attacks. It’s important to have great team cohesion. This tactic allows the lesser clubs to play attacking football
  2. Will post my current results soon. Currently in a title race with Fulham.
  3. Check his 442 thread, I posted screenshots. I tested with West Ham and won the league 1st season. Surely you’re impressed now?
  4. KNAP HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! won the league 1st season with West Ham! won it on the last day, should've actually won it earlier but injuries killed me (screenshot to see). also had to sell deadwood and sign players because of injuries. Alfredo Morelos won me the title coming in January and scored every game he played. Also done my own individual training as you can see in screenshots too (don't know if it makes major difference) also done my own training, basically just used Training Style - Catenaccio during the season Enjoying your tactics knap!
  5. you just need a good tactic? thats exactly what i'm proving lol. that knap has a good tactic. nobody called it a miracle
  6. I’m currently testing same tactic with much lower rep team. If all goes well I’ll post soon! doing easy friendlies again, good way to get morale up specially when using low coaching qualifications
  7. I was shocked! After I won my first three games against Arsenal, United then Chelsea I knew it was onto something. Also won the CL my individual training was GK - SK (d), FBs - WB (a), CBs - BPD (d), CMs - DLP (s), AMs - SS (a), ST - AF (a) all cms put into defensive init.
  8. Great tactic, 0 signings, manager coaching qualifications at the lowest to make game more difficult...individual training handled myself (4231 narrow tactic)
  9. usually the italian league is difficult, but i noticed almost every team are your rivals so not hard to motivate players for games! but a lot of teams are defensive which ironically you concede a few because they sit then play the long counter ball over your defence. i did remove "get stuck in" in team instructions after a match i played, all my 1st 11 got yellow carded. has effected the tactic and less yellow cards.
  10. CRAZT TACTIC!!!!! UNBEATEN WITH NOT THE BEST NAPOLI TEAM!!! in january, you can see i sold Mertens, Callejon, Ghoulam and a couple back up players which left my team very light with no back ups so made not losing very difficult. I sold them after the italian transfer window closed so i couldnt replace but rebuilding in summer
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