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  1. I am unable to load the game, and receive this message: It's been fine until tonight and i've made no changes to my computer. Any ideas???
  2. Does any one know how go change the players condition from the heart image back to a percentage?
  3. another is Jamie Thomas, who will listen to my offers but i still haven't managed to get him yet.
  4. Thought i'd start this as a place to share players found for the Vanarama Leagues. First player found was this guy, who the coaches say could play in the championship in future! Signed on a free.
  5. Also found this guy. Scout says he has the potential to play in League 2 while currently operating at National League level.
  6. I couldn't see that anyone has started a thread for players to sign in the Vanarama National Leagues so I thought I'd kick It off! If there is one already fee free to close this one! I'll start. Signed for free but did have to fend off Wrexham by offering high wages:
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