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  1. another is Jamie Thomas, who will listen to my offers but i still haven't managed to get him yet.
  2. Thought i'd start this as a place to share players found for the Vanarama Leagues. First player found was this guy, who the coaches say could play in the championship in future! Signed on a free.
  3. AS the title says, upon first loading my game a pop up asked to check my drivers and it said that it read my graphics card as my on board one, not the card. This is meaning i can only run on low settings. How do i make it read my card? on board: AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Card: Radeon RX 560x 4GB Thanks
  4. Also found this guy. Scout says he has the potential to play in League 2 while currently operating at National League level.
  5. I couldn't see that anyone has started a thread for players to sign in the Vanarama National Leagues so I thought I'd kick It off! If there is one already fee free to close this one! I'll start. Signed for free but did have to fend off Wrexham by offering high wages:
  6. It has happened just the once. I started a new save and I managed to load up a match. I will note back in this thread should it happen again..
  7. As the title says really. I am attempting to load the first friendly match and the game is stuck at the screen that says "awaiting line up". It doesn't appear to be a complete crash as I can navigate through menus still, it just doesn't load the match. Any ideas?
  8. Also getting good reviews, Lionel Stone. Free agent CB. Great name aswell..
  9. SIgned a free agent left winger called Matty Robson. Not as much pace as i'd like but gets decent reviews from the assistant.
  10. I have created a Hardware info HTML. file... is there anywhere i can send this on to you? As i say i have not touched the graphics drivers at all since my latest install of Ubuntu 14.04. if i even touch the graphics drivers it doesn't work no matter what i try, i have to completely re-install Ubuntu. the card is an AMD R7 250.
  11. Starting this thread as my old one appears to have been deleted. I had issues before the 16.1 update with running the game, and it looked to be down to the graphics drivers. Just wondering if any changes were made in the update to fix this? Previously if i downloaded a new driver the game would not work, even if i reverted back to the original driver afterwards. I Had to re-install Ubuntu to make the game work. Has anyone had any luck running the game with proprietary drivers after the update? Thanks.
  12. No i don't use the editor, just play as it comes. It was fine before the 15.0.3. update. No idea what's happened now.
  13. as the post says on this link http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/407601-Constant-crashing My game is crashing almost every time i click continue of try to process anything, and is virtually unplayable. It was fine before the last update. Any help? Posted a thread to the "crashes" page but no responses. I use Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks.
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