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  1. Hi, this looks good and I have been looking for a replacement set of back ground pics.. Question.. How do i install? I have copied the folder into my C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\Graphics\Pictures folder as the initial sub folders (IE C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\Graphics\Pictures\Europe (UEFA)..but still the old pics show.. do I need to delete the old pics? thanks
  2. Thank for the advice, will try it and see what happens...
  3. Hi all, Haven't posted for years but this year I have a question. This was a evident issue last year but in FM19 seems to happen even more... It seems no matter what tactic I use, with what team and with any style the hoof over the top always catches us out. Is this a 'feature' or is there some way of stopping this all the time? Thankfully the strikers seem to miss most of the one on one's. The rest of how I have my team playing is good but we don't win as much as we should due to letting in to many goals from the hoof.... thanks
  4. Hi all, Anyone else having problem saving a game? All i get is a error message saying 'the game could not be saved' the folder it is trying to save it is the default, never had a problem before. there is plenty of space on the drive I have even re-installed the game.. thanks for any help
  5. Hi all, been away for a week and fired up FM15. All fine except about 4 teams backgrounds are not showing. No matter which Skin I use it is always the same 4. Have re-copied the background pics, re loaded skins etc... yes, those teams have the background pics in the same location and same format as all the others that do appear. wouldn't be a big issue but one of the teams is the one I play as, which makes it annoying. File path: C:\Users\Alan Silver Laptop\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\backgrounds\Stadiums\Europe (UEFA)\Uk & Ireland\England (others in that location all appear) thanks
  6. he is injured for 11months. will keep an eye on him for next season. If I last that long
  7. Lost my Watford save in which I was doing well. So decided to start again. I cant buy a point never mind a win. struggling. On the new patch but none of the tctics that worked before seem to work now. I thought there were no match engine changes. Anyone got any ideas on tactics? Only buy a back up keeper and Jonny Russell from Dundee. The squad is basically the same as at the start of the game. thanks
  8. I have started again. Will use the 3-5-2 that Zola looks to employ. tyr and keep as many of the current squad and see how I do. Wont sell Hogg like I did last time. will keepyou guys posted.
  9. Been plugging away as Watford...seem to be doing ok. watford are very good in the championship. Just a shame that at the end of the season they all leave. Would be nice that if the rumours are true and the likes of abdi are staying. FM13 replicates this. When I got promoted the problem was putting togther a new team and all that entails on FM13. What players did people have the most success with? Brought charlie Austen who is a beast on FM13
  10. In the prem....2nd season. really struggling to find a decent keeper. anyone got any ideas? looked at the Forster at Celtic.
  11. Pleased so many people are playing as watford and commenting on how they are getting on. I have not been able to play that much...but seem to be doing well. Up near the top in my first season. One player who has been good for me was John Russell from Dundee Utd. can play up front or wide right. Also Deeney seems to be a monster once fit scored a few goals for me. As someone else has said about selling hogg, think I may have been hasty but with the players I have he isnt being missed. One player with good stats is jenkins, he seems to do well when he plays.
  12. TomDixon77 thanks for this skin. it is amazing. SI should be offering you a job!!
  13. I have made some changes.I hope that they are better. been looking at other threads. if you have any advice then please PM me or let me know on the forum. Thanks
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