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  1. football manager 2018 18.3.4f1093959 (update)DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi, I installed the game. FM started. I left the game. The game hung at the next start. The screen saver hung for five minutes. This error occurred later(Football Manager 2018 18.3.3f1074698 (update) has stopped working) i have left my DxDiag file below also DxDiagfm.lnk
  3. I tried to play my saved game and when fm opened it said there was no game available when I went into load game the file was there but it said load game can not be saved
  4. I went into my football manager game and it said that there was no saved available I then went into load game and the file was there and when i clicked on it, it said could not load saved game what can i do about this
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