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  1. Taken from FM Scout. Won the league with Everton in 1st season. 110 goals. This is crazy. 4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - What to expect Fueled by pure hatred of the dominance 4-2-3-1 tactics, I decided to try and break them. Using a patient, narrow, short passing possession based style. I have received staggering results with this one and I will share them with you. This strategy marches down the centre of the pitch and a cold methodical way. Quick passes in a tight space with many options for the person in possession due to the amount of bodies in a small area. 90+ goals with West Ham after one season using this. Quite possibly a game breaker. This tactic meets the philosophies of Play attacking football AND play possession based football without the use of wingers. High Possession High Shot count Plenty of goals from set plays. Return of the Target Man in Football Manager. Consistently punch above your weight. Meets criteria for both Play Attacking Football and Play Possession football Club Philosophies 4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - Team Makeup Positional sense is of the utmost importance. Solid, hardworking, committed physical players who will work as a team to win tackles and be able to pick the correct pass. Gamebreaker - Key Attributes and PPM's per position First line is PPM's and second line is key stats.GK: none -Arial Ability, Command of Area, Concentration.FB: none-Anticipation, Strength, Positioning, Teamwork, Work rate. BPD: Tries Long Range Passes-Composure, Passing, PositioningCD: Marks opponent tightly. -Strength, Aggression, Jumping Reach, Bravery, Tackling, PositioningBWM: Dictates Tempo, Stop Play. Dwells on Ball.-Strength, Positioning, Team Work, Work Rate, Aggression, DecisionsDLP: Comes Deep to get ball, Tries Long Range Passes, Tries Killer Balls Often-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Positioning APA: Moves into Channels, Plays One-Twos, Runs with Ball Through Centre, Tries killer balls often. Set as primary set piece taker in the tactic be default.-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Off the ball, Flair, VisionTM: Strength, Balance, Heading, Jumping Reach, Finishing, Teamwork.-Plays with back to goal Poacher: Likes to beat Offside trap.- Anticipation, Off The Ball, Finishing, Acceleration, Agility, Composure Gamebreaker 4-3-1-2 by The Reckonist.tac
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