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  1. I have the same problem with Wolfsburg. We are leading with 5 mins to go. I tell them to concentrate and they are overwhelmed. I have found "demand more" or "praise" sees to work.
  2. I think the country makes a difference. If you haven't managed in a particular country that goes against you. I just lost out to a manager who had half a star less reputation than me. I think he got the job because he was German and I hadn't managed in Germany.
  3. Oh yeah I get that but as the manager shouldn't it be up to me when and why I call meetings?
  4. I'm managing Crewe in League 1. We are just about to start the playoffs for promotion. I tried to call a meeting and it says, "There isn't a suitable reason to call a meeting" If playing for promotion isn't a "suitable reason" then I don't know what is?! The last meeting I called was like a month or so ago. That was because we were in the running for automatic promotion and our form was dropping off.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm starting to address the form slump. Tweaking tactics, results aren't great but slowly getting better. The injuries though, idk? I have 6 injuries atm. All to my best players and 80% are the same injury. 5-8 weeks with twisted knees.
  6. I'm having the same issues. I was leading League 1 before the update and now I'm losing or drawing with almost everyone. Funny thing though, I'm killing it in ALL the cup competitions. I'm even beating Premier League teams. Also, has anyone noticed injuries have gone way up since the update?
  7. Okay, this is totally a bug. Southampton hasn't even been relegated.
  8. I will keep track of him. If he remains at Southampton I will make another bid for him during the next transfer window and see what happens. If he moves to a weaker club I will upload my saved game
  9. He WAS playing in the top league. Southampton has been relegated.
  10. Serie A is ranked 3rd in leagues. Another thing, when I first took the Fiorentina job quite a few of my players were unhappy that I turned down transfer offers from teams solely because they wanted to play Champion's League football.
  11. Transfer stuff doesn't make sense half the time. Look at my post Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  12. We just won Serie A last season and are now in the Champion's Leagues. I don't understand why he doesn't want to at least talk with us? A better league, whaaaa?
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