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  1. I'll buy it and give it a go. Haven't enjoyed FM20 at all really. The ME in my opinion is very poor... but im willing to put it down to a work in progress as we had new functionality put in there. what im tempted to do is not look at this forum at all for the first few months. Sometimes we have too much information from other people over what doesn't work or what is an exploit and then you get possible confirmation bias... or you just don't enjoy winning as much cos the style you've chosen turns out to be an exploit. Lets say I want to recreate a very direct tactic next year and I go 442 with wingers...target man... and it works great... I think id be happy … without reading all day that wingers are overpowered and 442 is an exploit. if that makes sense? at least that way if I find behaviours im really not happy with … ive come to my own conclusions and given it a fair go
  2. I've been a little loose with the formation too; The 3232 is there tho as the WB is essentially winger. Volante the left sided mid of the 3 joins attack, as does BBM. Parolo and Savic have traits to emphasise this too. TQ is a bit of a con not naturally going to form a front two. Perhaps should be a SS or DLF instead... but its Luiz Alberto and i'm in Italy. Bastos should make a good Lib. Some of the key players and their traits; How we look in attacking transition.. not many numbers in the box, but the runs coming from SV and BBM. Immobile off the ball so good he's often enough on his own. TQ both shows for the ball and acts as second striker in many cases. Defense is terrible - goes to a very narrow and quite deep 442. This was the first match and immediately see going to have issue against any decent side that wants to play out from the back. Double pivot naturally pushes CBs a bit deeper I believe. Possible tweak could be to push the lines up to press more aggressively. Or rethink positions/roles to bring in carillero or bwm Libero I already showed rally doesn't contribute anything. It's nice to see like it could work though from the user above? So maybe mine is being hindered by the BBM or double pivot. The DW on defend offers a good outlet, but doesn't do much with it... so our attacks are one dimensional - but potent... coming from Lazarri. Alberto finds him in space time and time again and majority of goals are Alberto laying off to Lazarri to cross for Immobile. Was going to do a thread but haven't got as much time as id hoped to go into detail... I did end up changing things round a bit. this passage of passive defending against Utd was the trigger... poor pressing, too deep, was a game of attack vs defence where we lucked a 0-0 but could have been 4-0 Tactic 2.0 sees Savic become CM-A and acts much more like a second striker than the TQ was. DW changed to support. Anchor to DLP to do the ball recycling I was missing from the libero D-line much higher. Works a lot better and Savic has since scored 5 in 8 with more direct runs into the box so he's now in and around the penalty spot when the cross comes in instead of on the edge.
  3. does it ever get raised as a bug? id hoped when they went to the effort of changing it from a sweeper to a CB theyd also review its behaviour. maybe a new role will come out to address the increasing role of CBs in the attacking phase... get some Sheff Utd recreations on the go! its killing my setup a little bit, as in the short clip would help me recycle possession a lot better if the libero would come and show for the ball.
  4. interested particularly to see anyone who gets a libero working nicely. early days, but looks to me like the 'invisible wall' is still there. Little example here of build up where he does bring the ball out (has player trait to bring ball out and get further forward) .. lays it off... advances... all good but gets to halfway line and stops dead... and ends up in a flat 3. no difference in his behaviour from that point to his CB(d) partners. starts as the ball carrier … end of video you can see the player on the ball crying out for the libero to come and receive the pass short (tho it looks like I cut the clip short by a couple of seconds)
  5. @Gegenklaus Dortmund might be a good choice. I know its a big team...but I don't plan on making this a 10 year project and build a team for it. Gona have a look through some other squads now...finding a ready made libero writes off a certain level of team
  6. good challenge as I was looking to just have a go at a quick 1 or 2 season save. you gave the game away a little bit in your second post.. my immediate thought was the middle image. But there's scope to be very inventive with roles and positions to achieve the right shape. ill let work know not expect me getting anything done this week.
  7. I definitely think it can work with any team. I guess the issue is decoupling the success of your team to your approach. It would be easy to load up a Burnley save with this concept in mind... lose the first game 3-0 to Man City and think the approach is wrong... when in reality its more than likely you would lose to City with any approach unless the ME has big flaws you can exploit. So if anyone does use this approach with a minnow team... treat is like any other... don't expect instant wins. I'd bet overtime it's extremely fruitful … and rewarding when it pays off.
  8. @Jack722 like it a lot. especially the use of regroup option vs Liverpool, very smart. Havent logged on in months, so im glad this thread got revived and some using it for FM20. Good luck with your progress.
  9. I'm working on a possession project with Fulham. In first season I was hitting 75-80% possession in many games. On promotion I've changed tactic a bit to make sure I survive so will be a few seasons before I really go for it in the EPL... But this was my first goal in the EPL, first match away to Leicester. 25 passes and a nice finish from close to goal. My shot conversion is pretty random... Some games I'll have 15 shots with 10+ on target... Some games I'll have 40 shots and maybe just 10 on target. I don't think it's linked directly to possession, probably more to do with personnel and types of chances created.
  10. Dlf and Af is a classic combo. I like it with more of a link up man tho like an Am or Mez... Less so for a 442...dlf-s is looking for link up play.. Af gets dragged out wide into channels a lot... So it cries out for a third attacking option. Whereas TM a little more stationary and poacher stays more central than an AF and does less donkey work... Means you can get away with just two strikers and let the wingers work the channels. See how you get on, you don't need a perfect tm/po just using the roles might be more optimal.
  11. Hope we are all coping with the stressful times and lock downs, best wishes to all. Like many, the lack of football and working from home is a mind numbing experience. I'm shipping my family off to the in-laws for a couple of weeks.... So I have time to finally get stuck into FM20 @herne79 it was your challenges around this time of year that got me into the last couple of FMs. Cmon mate, pull your finger out... Give us some ideas for a save or challenge of some sort.
  12. I'll post a screenshot later... But that vid is quite a good illustration. 532 but quite a passive midfield with a high defensive line... So the 6 are often close together and I use play out of defence, so get some passing going while my wing backs get high up the pitch. Tavanier is wb-a, barasic is on support the other side. So typically, as in the video we play down the right. My mids are bbm, dlp-d, car (left to right) so once the ball is pumped out wide we have the two strikers jn the box and the bbm and lwb usually lurking on edge and back post respectively. Front pair TM-a, pf-a left to right. The crosses are coming mostly from the right to I like the TM as the left striker... Tends to stay in box more where the PF can sometimes get drawn towards the ball carrier. Both on attack, not interested in them being involved in build up. It's quite one dimensional by design. High tempo, direct. Bpds and dlp often sending rangey passes to the wbs who cross it in. I also do distribute to cbs... If we start with the ball at Gk I don't want to just go long too early and give the ball away. My TM is a goalscorer not an 'out ball'. So often the passage of play is two step.. Gk to bpd to dlp perhaps a few more short passes back and forth... Then to wb who can sometimes still be quit deep, so itl go back for another phase while we get into attacking positions then it's the riskier pass back to wb and the cross comes in.
  13. Oh no... It happened again... Tavanier swings in a peach... Matty Smith plants it. Poetry.
  14. @Enzo_Francescoli Yeh this was cautious mentality. Short passing and low tempo, with cautious... Means the other roles are very passive and the Regista can direct the game better... Which is what they are for. You have very little chance of winning if you go a goal behind unless you change it up, so have a second formation ready
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