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  1. Very true, and I really appreciate all dans work and skills creating this database...the man is a legend! If anyone has any tips for adding additional leagues to the database then that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Cheers for the replies guys. I am a complete novice with the editor. I have tried to add the league on but keep encountering errors. It is probably only something basic I am am failing to do, but so far no joy.
  3. Hi all, just a quick question - is it possible to add an additional league (I.e from level 11) onto dans database on the editor?
  4. My bad! Too much excitement seems to have affected my reading abilities!
  5. Dan you legend!! Thanks for creating the database mate. It is very much appreciated. Any chance you could add the Midland Football League Division 2 at level 11, and the Midland Football League Division 3 at level 12?
  6. This database sounds fantastic! Like others I plan on a level 11 career and usually persist with the first draft. Any closer to a release mate?
  7. Fantastic work once again Dan! Using your database is the only way to play FM for me. Really appreciate all your hard work in putting this together. Excited to get started once it is ready.
  8. Thanks dan, this is very much appreciated. Cannot wait to get a save started in my beloved midlands div 3 now! Thanks again pal, this news has made my day and taken my whole FM experience to a new level!
  9. Dan, fantastic work as always! After trialing my tactics on the beta, I cant wait to get a proper lower league career started now! Please could I second the request for the Midlands Football league Divisions Two and Three? Always wanted to manage my local club Northfield Town! Cheers bud
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