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  1. Hi, I've played FM 2015 ever since it came out and decided to update by getting FM2017. I'm playing the beta version now and there seems to be several things that I found valuable in FM2015 that have been removed. Can anyone confirm if they have been removed, or if they're being done in a different way please? 1. Staff - Firstly, I can only see my most senior staff (e.g. head physio, head scout, etc). Does anyone if I can see all staff (e.g. physio, under 19s coach, etc) another way or has it gone? Secondly, the 'staff responsibilities' tab I'm used to has been removed. Again, can I assign responsibilities another way or has this gone? 2. Training - The really useful old calendar system of seeing what the training focus is on which week, and being able to click on individual days to give a 'rest day' seems to have vanished. 3. Team talks - probably most bizarrely of all, I'm not prompted to give an opening, half time or full time team-talk. There must be another way to do this! I can't believe you wouldn't be able to do this as a manager. Can anybody advise please? Thanks in advance
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