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  1. Bare in mind that defensive football translates to clean sheets/low number of goals conceded, not a style of football. If you can be solid at the back while playing your brand of football that’s all that matters. Likewise if a club asks for attacking football it means score the most goals. If it’s a job I want I just go through the motions with the interviews, I don’t think they’re very engaging at all.
  2. This is how I like to play my saves, I’ve done this for the past two versions. I get a greater sense of realism, achievement and immersion with my team/players when I’m judging them on performance, analytical stats etc. and not X player is better than Y player in Z attribute so I will play them. It’s especially fun when it comes to scouting. unfortunately, due to how poorly a lot of the stats have been tracking for players this year I had to stop (am hoping it’s fixed with the latest patch so I can go back to it). I’d encourage those who are interested in an attributeless skin to check out the below thread: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/544709-fm21skin-non-numeric-attributes-★-updated-february-8th/
  3. I had a similar problem, kept finding my first team players available for reserves and couldn't get it to stop. Realised I had an option checked in the staff responsibilities, so this might be the same for you. If you go Staff > Responsibilities > Match, then scroll down to your reserves/under's section and uncheck the 'Automatically make unfit first team players available for this team'. Hopefully that's what your issue was as well.
  4. Adding one that happened against me just now. Supposedly a goal was scored for Defensa Y Justica on 86 minutes, so I watched it back and it simply doesn't exist. Defensa y Justicia v Chacarita Jrs..pkm
  5. I don't think it's a good exercise to compare a whole season's average rating (40+ appearances) with the average rating of up to 5 games. A bit like claiming the game is broken if Leao doesn't score over 60 goals in 40 appearances because he has 8 in 5 for you at the moment.
  6. Below are two videos from my save showing the individual player detailed stats (couldn't be bothered for individual screenshots): 1. Half a season on no detail (QME) 2. Half a season on full detail (FME) Belgian Pro League 23/24: 1 - 18 games no detail, qme Belgian Pro League - 23/24: 19-36 games full detail, fme The stats I mentioned potentially being an issue in my previous post also seem to be highlighted here as well, e.g.: - Players getting 1 or 2 clear cut chances attributed to them in the second half of the season compared to 35+ in the first half - Players attempting 200% more passes in the second half of the season - Not a single key tackle happened in the second half of the season - Clearances through the roof second half of season - Key passes up up up on the fme.
  7. Yes, sorry, of course we want reliable stats. I meant more along the lines of I'm not sure which end of the spectrum we should be seeing for some of them (to know whether full or quick are more expected within the game), e.g. key tackles. I would have said key tackles were far too low on full detail (still think they are - but most clear cut chance defences are probably blocks rather than tackles), but I never knew the SI 'definition' of what a key tackle was until I read the response, so now I doubt/query what some of the others are supposed to represent, and how frequently they're likely to happen.
  8. Going through the player detailed stats comparing full detail with no detail/quick sim and it feels like the below are issues between the two: Some of them I don't really know if it's an issue with the Full or Quick because to be honest I don't really know what us as users are supposed to be expecting.
  9. Uninstalled R, re-installed under C:/MyPrograms, updated the fmapp.bat with the correct link (I kept the "PAUSE" at the bottom), ran the batch and it worked and installed the packages. Thanks Please don't laugh at my poor strike force
  10. It is on the C drive though? Do you mean don't install it under program files? I didn't have any issues with the first version.
  11. No luck from me with the new update. I was having the same issue as above, but since downloading the new update the .bat loads, gives the below message and then just closes.
  12. @gam945 Thanks for this tool. I'm having some issues as below, do you know how to resolve? When importing the shortlist on the excel sheet only a few names come through. Naturally on the app there aren't any names that show up, but neither does other some of the other data such as value or wage. Also none of the visualisation selections show anything.
  13. I had same issue but managed to resolve it. Basically I uninstalled and started again and my issue came from not letting the installation packages.bat run through completely. It got to a point where it stopped and I thought that was it so I closed, but needed to wait and it will close itself.
  14. You can select them from the dropdown list but they don't show up under "analyst will look for". I'm not sure why you would need full detail on anything if the non-90/% options work and they're selectable (I think) during the recruitment meetings. You can select 'shots' and 'shots on target' but not 'shots/90' or 'shots on target %'.
  15. It's by design. Check below post on how to access the analysis during a game: And check out below for adding more widgets to the match which might cover the analysis you want to view in-game:
  16. I think so, to an extent, but it feels largely broken. If you go to Scouting Centre and press (at least on mine) "General - all" which is next to Scouting Responsibility (note I have scouting assignments delegated. This option isn't available if you control the scouting assignments). It will bring up the below: The choose a position on the left, this will open up the drop down for the analyst options at the bottom. Then from the drop down select what metrics you want them to look out for. Worth noting that hardly any of these actually work... You can't select any which are per 90 nor any which are percent based. So really it's largely pointless to be honest. I think the best thing to do if you want your scouts/analysts to do the work is to set these assignments during the recruitment meeting that happens before the window opens and then at the end, rather than part way through a season. I believe the per 90 and percentage options do work during the recruitment meeting section. Alternatively, have a search for players yourself and then send your scout/analyst to view them and get their report. You can search by specific metrics using the search:
  17. I'm on the same as you, what do you think is not showing properly?
  18. Hopefully I can join you guys soon! It looks mighty tough to get promoted from the Primera Nacional. Banfield with back-to-back relegations.
  19. All I can think of is you're not adding the files to your actual skin directory. It should go Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021> skins > [name of skin] > graphics > ... Check out this thread and download the base21 skin (which is just the default skin) and then try adding the files to this (and make sure to select the skin from the drop down in preferences).
  20. I did yeah. I didn't start the game with attribute masking on, so it's not a problem!
  21. Legend. Thanks for the time and effort gone into this. Will be using this straight away.
  22. It works for me doing it the same way you suggested, so not sure why it's not working for you. Failing that, if you go to the individual training page and select list from the drop down you can probably work your way through it quicker.
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