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  1. Why FM is decaying?

    Totally agree with you AsytiC! The player roles is the worst thing introduced to FM, the way it is now. Well okay the 100 same standard "news" a day is a close runner up. The tactical set up has always confused me, it seems to me that you tell your team how to play one place then another place you tell the somthing completly different on the next page, and then you mix it up with a new set of instructions on some other tactical screen.
  2. regens...all same face??

    How can you not see it when playing/testing the game? Simply can not understand you want the comunity to upload files for you. Please get other testers when problems as clearly as this can go under the radar
  3. Just seems like a poor gk decision to me... I vote No Bug!
  4. deducted points update?

    Any one done a file with points deducted to teams who was relegated in real life, so you can start the game 30 april, I think, 2016 in brazil and have close to real life tabels from June 2016? I think the sort it out si database is fine, but would be nice to try start in 16/17 season and do what I think my team should have done for real
  5. MLS with 2016 start date

    Ok thanks What is missing out if I add the league to the game later and it is active from 2017?
  6. Was hoping to start a game after the patch with a start date in jan or feb 2016 and try to get jobs all around the world, but when I have MLS as one of the loaded leagues, I can only choose a start date in 2015. Any reason to this? My alternative is to add the league to the game, but then it is activated in 2017 and I supose the league is missing some data?
  7. Yes and I was just saying that I think it's a wrong way to do it. I can understand you have no comment in jan, but tomorrow we have april and I think it would be good customer service to put out a short notice about how the work is going. It's not normal when I ask in a store, "when is this comming to your store" that they say "we don't want to tell you goodbye" But I can see we dont have, and never will have, the same point of view and leve it here
  8. I was not complaning that the patch isn't out yet. It take the time it takes and I have no problem with that. My point was that we have late feb. now so it would be very nice with some info on how the work is going and are we talking days or weeks to release
  9. Like the idea. Sometimes I use the instant result or holiday and just think my self as a director of football, but could be fun with a few tweaks in the game not giving you glory for wins another staff member get. Also I use my Assistant to do the press talk before league games, but the journalist always refer to me and I get news about that I say all kind of stuff even when I was not there. It seems the game mix up quite a lot who is doing what and all glory go to the manager. Its the same with all players like you and you get sacked. no one says anything. The game can look like a bit of an empty shell in some situations, where you can do a lot, but with no impact at all
  10. I voted: Would you promote your Youth Backroom Staff to the First Team? Looking forward to your response!
  11. If SI gave you the option would you pay 10£ for an update with real time league standings, player stats, transfers ect. where the game starts 1 feb 2016? I think that an update like that could be a great next step in expanding this great game that I have enjoyed for nearly 22 years now SI could still offer the free one as it is now if you dont want to pay
  12. [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    Even more superb than last year, and the best skin ever. I love that I can change training and transfer status with just one simple click. Don't know why nobody else use that in skins and even more quick links would be great so the dropdown menu could out for good
  13. [FM17][SKIN] Futuristic

    lots of bling bling but what about the important stuff, like some quick link to different actions like offer a player a new contract with just one click ect ect ect? Have to go with no. For me there already is more than enough stuff on every page in the game and more than enough dropdown menus
  14. People from Sweden just do strange things!