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  1. Hey great work! How can I change this? "-Salary cap for CanPL now increases $250k a year, before being eliminated in 2026" I want the salary cap to stay but grow less each year or let it be from 26
  2. I don't see the problem with english players. I think that most foreign players are over payed and over rated, in real life and in the game
  3. It's not possible as 90% of the skin is "stolen" work others have made
  4. perhaps this should be in bug forum then? Are you looking in to this SI?
  5. If a team starts with no reserve team, like Tranmere have no u23, is it ever possible to get one later on in the game? Like if you get promoted or just gets a lot more players?
  6. Every year I steal from a few skins and "make" my own. So far I have "made" this
  7. Would love to have this skin to make my own mash up skin. I'm not good at making skins but every year I use bits from different skins, and your skin is exactly what I try to work towards. So sad you won't make a lot of us happy by release and make our FM better, think what it perhaps could come to if other continue your work. Hope you change your mind as I have no doubt this is the best looking skin. And SI please look, this is what YOU should make
  8. How do I add shirt next to player picture? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442745-FM16-Player-profile-screen?p=10593284&viewfull=1#post10593284
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