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  1. @herne79 I've put him in the mentoring group with the most highly influential players i have, only just this start of the season though, so i will wait to see if it make a difference. Already set up my assistant manager / Coach to control training. i done this soon as i started the game. For individual training i also let my Assistant take charge of that, but i do sometimes take control myself, with Sessegnon i've done it a few times, I have a question about the crossing, There doesn't seem to be a focus for crossing? or is there and i am not seeing it. He played every game for me last season, he might of missed one league game that's it. he also only had 1 injury all season which was 8 days. I'll place a picture of the training and coaches below. Training facilities are excellent, but i am upgrading them.
  2. @robot_skeleton Notes taken mate. So mentor him with leaders and stuff, how long on average does it take for a personality to change? or does that also depend on what personality they are? It's frustrating because i want him to be the main player and end up building the whole team around him. i'll set up a new mentor group and post a picture so you can see what you think. I was going to buy Matt Targett, We had him on loan last season done very well for us.
  3. @robot_skeleton Never actually thought about if i am playing him too much, didn't think that came into the game, everywhere i've looked mostly it's about giving young players as much game time as possible. here are his unit and mentoring stuff.
  4. UPDATE. From Start of the season to end of the season. Over the course of the season he's actually declined on quite a few stats. i will place the attributes below Declined Stats. Acceleration 15.0 - 14.8 Balance 13.0 - 12.8 Composure 14.0 - 13.8 Concentration 12.0 - 11.8 Corners 7.0 - 6.8 Dribbling 11.2 - 11.0 Jumping Reach 8.0 - 7.8 Off The Ball 15.2 - 15.0 Pace 15.0 - 14.8 Positioning 9.0 - 8.8 Tackling 9.0 = 8.8 Team Work 14.0 - 13.8 Vision 14.0 - 13.8 Improved Stats Determination 13.0 + 14.0 Leadership 7.2 + 7.6 Marking 9.0 + 9.2 Penalty Taking 6.0 + 8.8 Strength 8.2 + 8.8 Work Rate 12 + 13.8
  5. @Mardy Hey mate Thanks for the message, nearly finished my season, only 3 games left plus a FA cup final but that's against Liverpool so won't have my hopes up ha. I see what you mean, he hasn't improved since the pictures i put up of his progress yesterday, he went up 0.2 on leadership that's about it, But hopefully it's the same on this one as it is on the last one, Tbh i didn't have a problem with him on the last one he was growing quite rapid for me.
  6. Thanks for the replies, maybe it was too soon to be worrying about it as he is still only 18, I didn't really want to check his potential because it didn't want to spoil it ha ha. i'll give an update on his progress later today, i should be on start of the next season by then. will post his progress. another thing i've played him in the same position every game AML support. I also let him take a couple of penalties which he scored to try improve his Match rating. which i see has improved by 3 since the start of the season.
  7. Ryan Sessegnon. Now i've started up a new save with Fulham about 3 times since getting the game when it came out, i've played nearly a full season the last two times but this i want to carry on long term. Seems i can't get Sessegnon to improve much if any at all, I get my assistant manager or most gifted coach to take training. On the last two saves he had a decent match rating 7.0 - 7.2 which is very good but even then he never improved, he also had a fair few assists and goals. On my current one he's not having the best of seasons, but his training ratings are good no less than 7.5 and still he makes no progress. I looked through all my other players and they are improving. He plays every game and has not had an injury this season if he did it was only for a couple of days. His potential has even declined. Below i've put up picture his growth from the start of the season to the current date, plus the most recent training report on him. ( i have the in-game editor but never use it )
  8. As the topic clearly say's what is your most enjoyable 3D Match Engine from 2009-2018?
  9. Thanks for the replies. that's 50 shots on target not overall, he's having more than 10 a game with 4/5 on target and those mostly go straight at the keeper. yes the scoring record is good, in fact very good, but its the quality of the chances, these aren't with players infront of him or by his side putting him off, these are chances one on one mostly. with 20 finishing. it's not something i do when playing Fm, using the editor that is, i just wanted to test it out. @herne79 Thanks, all been noted, didn't think of the hidden attributes, this probably explains a lot, because his consistency and pressure aren't great. thanks
  10. Now i've been reading up about the finishing in this years version and many people seem to be having problems. i also have been having problems so many missed chances even with players on superb morale and are happy at the club, so i tried something, i got the in-game editor, and started editing. i bumped Sessegnon ( Winger ) up to 20.s in Crossing, Finishing, long shots, pace, agility, decisions, you name it ive put them on 20. also i froze the stats. i played about 10 games, and its actually worse than it was before i put those on, he gets past players with ease, runs up to goal and keeps hitting the ball straight at the keeper ( he has places shots trait ) a few times wide but that happens in football. now i don't know if it's a bug having too many 20's but its very poor, with 20 finishing he has had 50 shots in 10 games scoring 11. having on average 4/5 one on ones a game.
  11. 5 Nations, 9 leagues. 36,000 players. database large. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.15 11.58.36).dmp DxDiagfm.txt
  12. Keeps crashing, would let me play two games, sometimes one and crash, with the same crash bump. being like above 18.2.0 1050224 I've also removed the graphics file containing Kits, logos etc. Still crashes.
  13. I also have the same problem, i have removed the graphics folder. Still crashes.
  14. @phnompenhandy I have read through loads, but what it doesn't tell you is if i can only do transfers with those clubs. Say i have 3 leagues of 10 teams, is there a way of just having those in the game and disabling all the other leagues in the game? It's like if i make a legends database, how do i only let transfers happen between those clubs? is there a option where i can turn off transfers from other nations. Sorry maybe it has been said but been looking on here and the internet and it doesn't tell me if that's possible.
  15. Hello FMER'S Just wanted to know if anyone knew if you could actually make your own database. Meaning like i want to create a legend league. so say i wanted 3 leagues of ten teams. Create A Man United legend with players like Best, Beckham, Cantona. with Liverpool in the 80's Arsenal invincibles. A lot of work i know but it's something i've wanted to do. also is it possible where just those leagues and teams can make transfers. so say i don't want no interference from other nations etc etc. Thanks.
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