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  1. A few I can highly recommend: Papa Alioune Ndiaye from Osmanlispor (BBM) Alexandr Golovin from CSKA (AMC) Mohamed Loua from Anderlecht (CM) Carles Alena from Barcelona-B (CM - AP) Miguel Nobrega from Benfica (DM - A) Matej Chalus from Pribram (DCB) Each of these players have become top-quality players for CSKA Moscow by 2020, Alena and Ndiaye probably are the best bets for significantly bigger clubs.
  2. Similar to the above poster, I got him for $1.9 million as CSKA Moscow in the summer of 2020. I find that Barcelona was perfectly willing to loan him out every season previously (spent 2 seasons with me, one season in Spanish second division, and one season with Frankfurt) before they decided he was surplus to their requirements and listed him. Now he's 23 and my best midfielder and I'm likely to flip him for a profit of at least $30M soon.
  3. Does anybody know how to go about fulfilling the "improve coaching staff" promise? I've promised two pretty important players I'd do this so I'm pretty invested in keeping them happy. Since doing so I begged the board for an increase in the number of allowed senior coaching staff and filled the subsequent slots, upgraded at HoYD, GK and Fitness Coach, but in the promises screen it just says they "feel I'm running out of time" to make good on my promise.
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