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  1. Ill try again, heres an image of another game, number 4 has it, the centre half on the ball and the right back
  2. Everton players, Theo and Andre Silva. The Southampton players that would have it are the bald ones (i changed it for a temporary help) Sarrachi, Dewhurst, Chabot
  3. ive done a little research and its players with dark brown hair only, the odd player with black hair. when a player is closer to the camera for 3d it dissapears but further away eg a right back it appears, please look into this its highly frustrating and would be a small fix, thanks
  4. Can someone please help and fix the stupid glitchy hair on the match engine that makes half the players look bald. thanks
  5. This is a general issue I’ve watched a lot of players have the same thing, not even a graphical change fixes it. Maybe hair textures or something with the scalp is the issue
  6. Why are some players looking like their kind of bald with fuzzy patches on their head, please fix
  7. Which will be March as much as that’s annoying I really hope this is the fix thank you for the response
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