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  1. Which will be March as much as that’s annoying I really hope this is the fix thank you for the response
  2. Lag is still there, waiting on a patch which they said is the big fix, last chance for me fingers crossed
  3. I was away yes, but is nice to know whichever outcome good or bad whether this patch included it
  4. There is something in this though, I hit optimise midway through a game and lag drops (not completely) settings are still high
  5. I’ve got ok 60fps my issue is that when a long ball is played there are jumps and some animations cause jumps, it’s borderline playable for me cause I want complete smoothness but for some it’s playable i suppose
  6. Decided to install pes 2020 just to see if my setup is the issue. I ran it on it’s highest setting and no lag or any issues whatsoever. I know SI are trying and we are grateful but it has to be something in game not our machines
  7. I’ve got annoying bits of lag in a game it just stutters (jumps) once or twice every highlight enough for me to stop playing and I’ve about had enough I can’t enjoy the game anymore. It’s like it’s in the game and even after nvidia have officially optimised the game its done nothing it’s up to SI
  8. I have smooth gameplay for the majority of the time but there are frequent stutters when the camera moves for example a long ball over the top through to the striker or a cross field switch of play, the update is a lot better but is still frustrating to watch
  9. Wouldn’t mind if say 5 out of 11 players had coloured boots completely random just annoying especially in non league saves when no one has high flair
  10. Only some prem teams have coloured boots the rest is still black and white
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