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  1. I tried that the first time that page was released, so still in the same position
  2. To the end of my patience with this game and company. You put an issue in here you get the same lazy response, you do a support ticket you get the same lazy response. You then lock the issues on the forum? Entering another lockdown hoping to play the game, but its the worst jumpiest and laggiest mess I've seen for two years and I've had lag throughout that duration on three good enough machines. What else can be done to sort this other than look on this useless link or contact someone who says the same and then doesn't reply for two weeks?
  3. Both my laptop and pc are now encountering stuttering again. The update has brought it back, I haven't had smooth gameplay since the game came out, but its now unplayable. I need a refund, I've had enough for the last few years not being able to play the game and now especially in these current times we live in. PC and laptop are capable of playing this game on medium settings, or at least should be...
  4. Can someone please help and fix the stupid glitchy hair on the match engine that makes half the players look bald. thanks
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