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  1. I never said that. To all you people above who said you're doing just fine - I'm happy to hear that. Since you keep asking for evidence and I don't have the time or patience to dig through all my old saves, here's another quick screenshot. I was gonna post some other complaints, but hey, let's stick to that. Edit - sorry for the terrible quality, I'm forced to play in a small window to avoid crashes.
  2. ...and it always seems to be people in smaller leagues complaining and people playing in the English leagues telling them they're imagining things.
  3. I believe injury rates are a complaint since 16 (or even 15, I've forgotten). Unfortunately with injuries one can always link the EPL injury and suspension table and compare how much lower they are than in real life. So we can never be satisfied with your handling of the issue, because there will always be that small majority that gets unlucky with injuries - I may have accidentally signed all players with high injury proneness, but not so high it shows up in reports. You mentioned being constructive, so let's be constructive - while injury rates may end up in realistic injuries throughout big leagues like the EPL, I don't believe in largely lethargic, less intensive leagues I can have broken feet every few matches. I also think natural fitness should have a significant effect on injury proneness, so that one can migitate injuries. This would also improve realism, as some worse leagues around the world tend to buy physically fit players to have less injuries to deal with, as they can't afford to replace players.
  4. Ok, If you feel long-time customers being dissatisfied isn't constructive, I'll stop mentioning it. Issues and bugs =/= deep flaws within the match engine implemented in the past years as a general strategic orientation of the game development. I believe your suggestion with sticking to previous versions of FM and not buying new ones is the opposite of what SI wants. And I'll just briefly mention that yes, every year there's people complaining (every year since 2014, iirc, quite a lot), but I seem to notice that this year FM17 has a 67% negative rating on steam. Steam, where certain blunder's of the century manage 31% positive. Go around, read some feedback - I'm not the only one complaining injuries have gotten more frequent and besides, it's only one of many other complaints. I have the exact standard one should expect from a game we buy every year, market ourselves and support the hell out of. Any company in the world dreams of customers like SI has, that will willingly go out of their way to even test the game before it's ready. On FM growing - a 3% growth on a possible 5% is still a loss, but this is not something I can argue. I hope I'm not just voicing my own complaint here, but if I am, so be it, I guess I'll have to drop off the FM train and see it roll merilly on its way.
  5. This discussion is no longer about crashes. It's general criticism. Is that unacceptable? If so, I will happily withdraw. Going through my 16 saves and yearly match schedules to show you the large amount of games with 85 min + goals making comebacks is not worth the effort of you rebuking it with a comment about anecdotal evidence. I am not a paid tester. I am playing the beta and expressing my opinion on it. Spending hours of my day trying to prove issues with guaranteed inaction (if I complain about something they've implemented for 3 straight games, they'll hardly change their policy to satisfy a single customer) is not something you or SI should expect of me. Your attitude is why they feel complacement in improving the game - SI has the privildge of rolling out the same game every year for 60 euros which we all buy regardless of what they do. As far as I'm aware, mobas and big shooters do not cost 60 euros PER YEAR. That football manager is a good game has never been debatable. What I'm saying is that they are going in the wrong direction and are about to lose their customer base, which is still made up of people like me, despite efforts to make casual gameplay modes. Nitpicking and criticism is a force of ultimate good, because it provides opportunities to improve. If we didn't nitpick, we'd be screwing SI quite hard, as we'd deny them the opportunity to see the game through their customer's eyes.
  6. Everyone has a limit to their patience. You seem to have exactly the same attitude SI do though - "criticize all you want, we don't care, we'll do whatever we want and we know we'll see you next year". I'd name famous historical examples of failures with that attitude, but history doesn't seem to note epic failure that often. The beta has roughly the same match engine the game itself will have. If an overhaul is done that adresses major issues, I will be the first to apologize and take back my words.
  7. Unfortunately comebacks are a solid feautre since 16 (a bit less so in 15), to the point where it has lost all its excitement. I now know going 3-0 up will likely result in a 3-3 draw and I am not at all excited when I do a comeback from 0-2 down, because I could see it coming a mile away.
  8. Forget about the crash issues. That's a dead end. I mentioned the player demands last FM. No one did anything. They are now just as, if not more ridiculous. Yes, SI is close to real life football. That is commendable. Does that also mean we need to include referee bribing and match-fixing in certain leagues? There are certain areas where realism doesn't need to be brought in. Massive mercenary culture doesn't need to enter with the full glory of its plasticity, especially when it can't be managed. I don't mind my player wanting me to accept an offer from a club, that's fine, but when I don't have the option to explain to him that I won't accept 1 million spread out over 6 decades for my star player with 2 years left, worth 500k, he says ok and then upon me rejecting 1.0000001 million, gets so mad I can't do anything, that's not ok. You can't insert realistic dressing room drama to its fullest without giving us the options of dealing with it. If I can't talk to my youngsters and explain to them that, as evidenced by my past 50 sales they will be able to join Real Madrid if they stay one more season, as opposed to being a bench-player in 2nd league Turkey, then I shouldn't be faced with EVERY youngster wanting to leave. And on the injuries - please note the image. I have a very good idea of injury frequency. And it seems to have suspiciously gone up significantly ever since SI offered a paid option of clearing injuries.
  9. You "investigated" heavily upon my issue with 16. Nothing happened. Either way, the crashes are hardly my biggest problem, although it's still a little insulting that, as I said, new features seem to get added without old problems being touched. I'm expressing my concerns mostly as someone disappointed in 16. The only reason I'm doing so in 17 beta is because I've played FM for longer than 90% of the people even on these forums and I gave the game an extra year. The only reason I relented in buying 17 is that it seemed like the new advice you're given (with the little tick to apply advice) seems to slightly stop the endless torrent of drama that never seems to have a logical solution (it's wonderful to have a fully professional player threaten you with dressing room revolt if you don't accept an offer from a questionably higher team while he still has 3 years left on his contract and is captain) and I also appreciated the attempts to give more depth to tactics. Now, a little into the season, I still spend my time dealing with ridiculous player demands, interactions, way too many injuries at the same time and other issues.
  10. No thank you, already went through this whole process with 16, from beta feedback to cotninously trying to find a solution for not having to save after every match or lose progress due to crashes. As I bought the game yet again (stupidly), I will submit my feedback to the unpaid testing we do every year and that's it. Thankfully it seems I'm not the only one who is sick of seeing new features added to the game while none of the old, serious problems are fixed, so maybe if SI doesn't step it up, they'll learn a thing or two come 18 when we've had enough.
  11. I'm running firefox, skype, FM and word on a very solid laptop. Windows reinstalled very recently and clean. No, it is not phenomenally stable. I am unable to play for more than 20 minutes without a crash unless I never tab out of the game.
  12. 1651 hours in fm13 1670 hours in fm14 993 hours in fm15 412 hours in fm16 I predict I'll do less than 200 on this. Way too many crashes. Seems to me SI is relying on the zombification of us regular customers who will buy FM no matter what, completely throwing us to the side and seeking out new buyers. I am sick of it and will not buy 18. Adress OUR concerns or suffer a loss of players that your attempts to find new niches and players will NOT fix. It's as simple as that. P.s. funnily enough as I tabbed out of a frustrating game to type this I tabbed back in halfway through and the game crashed. Wish I was joking.
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