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  1. Watching that video actually made me rather somber. Always really really liked Ballack and some of the others in that video, such as Belletti. Good memories!
  2. Also almost missed the thread! Here's to hoping we have a successful season from start to finish without the hiccups of last season (some of which nearly made me cry).
  3. I don't really expect us to sign him. Was more of a general question as to what would people's thoughts be. Personally I love the fact we have so many Belgians playing for us, given I follow the league quite closely and would love to see even more play in Chelsea colours.
  4. It is just paper talk and I doubt there is any weight in the rumour, pretty sure it was also speculated about/asked about earlier in the thread somewhere. But what would people think about Fellaini and adding another Belgian to our ranks? Not quite sure how I'm about it. Would love to see him play for us, but where would he play and over who? Mikel started to really show glimpses of a player in his preferred role (the way he was being played) under RdM, so would it be worth it or would it just be spending money for the sake of it. As I said, it's all speculation but given I live in Belgium anything to do with the Belgians coming to Chelsea kinda gets me excited!
  5. Probably because everytime he steps onto the field he is jeered or booed constantly to the point of absurdity. Even when he was playing brilliantly under Ancelotti you could still see people who didn't like the idea of him playing and now that he isn't performing to that level it's even worse.
  6. If I'm completely honest I would prefer Didi's shirt to be "rested" for the next season in honour of what he has given us and everything he has done for the club. But then again to pass the shirt onto someone like Hazard isn't exactly the worst way to move on from the big man.
  7. There are literally no words to describe my state atm. So stoked we finally managed to win it! Drogba simply put is an absolute Legend!
  8. If it's the Modric pre this season then if it's for a reasonable price then yay. But on recent form and the fact Tottenham think they'll get £40m for him, hell no.
  9. Pretty much what you said at the end. I think with a trio of Mata, Marin and Hazard they wouldn't be confined to fulfilling one role on either the left, right or middle. I would think they would be given license to drift, move and interchange freely (much like Robben and Duff did way back when, switching flanks).
  10. First up, Happy B-Day Kpain! Like has been said as well, really surprised but also impressed with the signing of Marin. Sensible transfer from us for once, instead of spending a massive amount on a name that may or may not perform.
  11. I can't help but feel there will be some sort of controversy. I really hope there isn't but I have the same feeling in my gut that it will come down to a dodgy call. Would rather get played off the park then have to put up with another elimination like that.
  12. Really enjoying this game. Youth team been bossing the game since I started watching (about a minute or two before the first goal).
  13. Celtic fans on twitter were having a go at him for leaving (granted it was after he made a comment about their youth team being a bit **** iirc) and he "retaliated" with less then polite language as far as I can tell.
  14. As someone said earlier in the page. If we get played off the park then so be it I'll take it. But if we lose again to a multitude of poor calls by the ref's I'll be pissed, all I want is a good game instead of a farce like the last game.
  15. Could very well have been Del Horno, but I doubt it, I can't remember that far back with perfection it seems. I just remember every one talking about Messi and how he was going to have a field day with our make shift defence and he proceeded to do near on absolutely nothing for most of the game. Edit: I realise the situation is different this time around. Was just making the point on how he has never scored against us and remembered the match with JB keeping him quiet.