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  1. Let me begin by saying I think this is easily the gold standard in regards to sports sims and play each version a ton. I enjoyed 18, especially the more streamlined touch version. Here are some things that I would like to see improved in Touch (but, again, there is a lot that I like already with the game): 1. Press interaction. At this point, anytime the press gushes about one of my guys playing well - all I have to do is choose the second option (something like "I think the attention will help him do better") and he always likes it/morale goes up. I'd like a little more variability there. Maybe certain guys would rather you downplay it because they don't like the added pressure. If it's a guy with a rotation/backup role, maybe that spurns his agent to send an email asking for more money/better role. Another option might be to have this increase interest from other clubs if he's a starter. Just break up the monotony a bit with this aspect. 2. Scouting. I think FM has just really tried to out-think itself with this aspect. The goal of this feature (esp on touch) should be to help you find targeted players in a streamlined manner. I use a tactic that puts a lot of pressure on my AMR and AML to be productive. If they aren't, I end up often have 25-30 shots and only 1-2 goals. So, it would be great if I could tell my scout to look for an AMR that is 4 stars or better at the "Inside Forward" role and costs less than $60 million (for example). Then, I could check out each player and see if any are worth pursuing. As it stands now, I have to do these extensive player searches that rarely pan out. I'll ask the scout to find me 3+ star AMR players, but their ability at inside forward will be 2 stars (while they will be a 4-star winger). I can individually scout players, see their ability at the AMR inside role from my scout and then decide whether or not to pursue them by manually doing searches, scouting and so forth. Make this process easier for me. I know scouts aren't always 100%, but I'm fine with some error there. I just want to use them for the busywork of finding guys and let me make the final decisions on who will fit the team best. Setting up a scout assignment for targeted roles at a certain ability, cost and even transfer status (ie, listed or avail for loan) would really help here. The goal of scouting (esp at the higher levels) should be to have 2-3 scouts out looking for replacements for older/lesser starters, 1-2 for guys who may be too expensive/poached and then 1-2 for younger players to develop. Having a system where you could have 6 scouts each giving you a legit list of guys for each area would significantly increase the fun of scouting. There's no guarantee these guys would pan out - but having a more targeted pool to start with would really help the immersion. 3. Better agent/team interaction. It would be cool if you were pretty weak at right back and the agent of a disgruntled right back would email you encouraging you to check out his client. Same goes for guys nearing the end of their contract. Next, for loans, I'm always sending out offers for my younger/backup players to other teams at a certain loan rate (ie, 0% for younger/cheap guys, 50% for more expensive and even 100% plus a fee for the top guys). When you are a lower level team, you should get pretty frequent emails in the preseason/offseason from bigger clubs looking to aggressively loan out there guys. Instead, I have to do massive searches, find 4-5 guys and then have 3 tell me that my team isn't good enough for their player. A better process would be for a team in the Championship (or even Premier League) to send me a list of guys they want loaned out to my level (say League 2). Then, I could shortlist and scout the ones of interest and streamline the loan process. Plus, it benefits the higher teams as they get a better chance of finding a good fit for their talented players. Basically, I would like the AI to mimic how I run a higher level team and aggressively try to loan out their prospects to the lower league managers. 4. Better loan interaction once you have a player. I like to take a 3rd keeper on loan at lower levels as an injury hedge. But, if I don't play that guy very much, that should impact that team's willingness to do future loans. I would also like the ability to send out "loan ultimatums" to lower level teams. IE, if I loan a guy to a league 2 team to be a starter or key player - but he's only playing a couple games a month - I would like the ability to say "play him more or I am recalling him". I think the same should occur for me. I think there is something like this now - but it's more like "Player X has asked to play more or be sent back" and it's pretty rare without much consequence. To me, the big opportunity with FM is in the touch version. If they can streamline scouting and make more targeted feedback/emails/press to spurn on tough decisions, the game would really offer a great experience for more casual players.
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