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  1. Thanks for the reply, that's quite helpful! May I ask what the name of the program is? In case I do end up getting the MBP. ( And also, if I may ask, I presume you're running it on Mac OS? Or did you install bootcamp? )
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply! I greatly aprecciate it Although one more thing, you mentioned the fans kick in, but does it successfuly prevent the laptop from getting excessively hot? And I'm glad to hear you like your Macbook! If I do end up getting one, I hope I'll enjoy it as much, since I've always owned Windows laptops. Thing is, I can't find a Windows laptop with the build quality, trackpad, battery life and display of the Macbook Pro... Especially the battery life part.
  3. Hey everyone! Currently I'm planning on getting the 2015 Macbook Pro 13 inch Retina ( Base Model ). I wanted to know if there will be any issues with the laptop heating up or bad performance on the settings I plan on playing the FM16 and FM17 when it does come out. I plan on playing with 3d matches, about 7-8 leagues and large player database, and if possible on 1080p, (Oh and I also want to run it on OSX) otherwise the rest of the graphic settings can be low, I don't care much for the rest. Will the laptop suffer from performance at those settings? And also very important, will the laptop suffer from any excessive heating? I wouldn't want such an expensive laptop to heat up as soon as I start the game as it happens with the Macbook Air, people say. I wanted to get the Macbook for school since I don't have any laptop at the moment and I have never owned a Mac, and the MBP is very appealing, but I wouldn't want a 1500€ laptop to overheat or have a very very poor performance with Football Manager. So maybe anyone who owns the the MBP 13" could tell me about his experience? Thanks in advance and any tip or information you guys drop is greatly aprecciated! (PS: I am considering waiting for the 2016 New Macbook Pro but apparently there won't be any major changes in the CPU department so the question applies for both the 2015 and the one that is yet to come out. Once again, thanks in advance guys )
  4. Can I ask if you guys have any issues with overheating? I'm planning on getting the base model Macbook Pro 13 inch w/retina display. The resolution I plan on playing is 1080p but I don't mind going below that if I have to. I don't care much about the high graphic settings although I do plan on playing with 3d match and about 7 leagues with large database. I wanted to know if that would give me any sort of issues with performance and specially overheating? I don't really like when laptops get hot, which is why I wanted to know if serious overheating is a problema with the Macbook Pro 13 inch on FM. Thanks in advance!
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