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  1. 9 minutes ago, Junkhead said:

    Yeah, I get your point in respect of the game. Lots of people think it was too restrictive. I've not been playing in England, so my take in this thread has been against those who have this idea that things would just carry on as normal.

    As an example, I support a Championship club. Under the rules the FA have just announced, four of our first 11 wouldn't have hit the ponts threshold. The only "foreign" player who would has English dual nationality.

    So it would massively affect our first team, let alone the rest of the squad.

    Those playing/supporting top teams are likely to see no such issues because of the standard of player involved.

    As feared, knock on effects down the leagues will be massive.

    I support Forest too, I have never disputed that there will be some people that lose out. Forest won't be able to sign some sub par Greek player from the Albanian top flight (for the better lol), but the only market that second division clubs can now shop in is the UK market is completely false.

    My dispute has always been SI's implementation of Brexit which I thought was wrong, and is wrong now the details are out. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Junkhead said:

    However if you look at the rules in more detail you will see that unless a player is playing for a national team in the top 50 of the world rankings it is highly unlikely he will end up here unless he is playing if a top league also.

    100% international appearances in the required period for the international team in 51st place equates to 2 points towards the 15. For example, right now, that would apply to Bosnia, Greece, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, etc.

    So an established Greek international playing at a top end Austrian, Swiss or Greek club would be borderline at best.

    It is a considerable change.


    But it is NOTHING like the current system SI has implemented, which is what this whole discussion has been about.

    And borderline cases go to the panel, which we will have no idea how generous or harsh they are going to be on the panel.

    Like I said at the very start of this thread, Brexit should have been LEFT OUT the game until it has formally been introduced. Now, our saves are stuck with a Brexit which is nothing like real life - which was expected when it was so strict in SI land.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Junkhead said:

    The article literally says that they will have a work permit, it's just called something else.

    The article doesn't clarify how many points are required, or how many points are gained in certain scenarios. It gives no indication as to what will be considered an acceptable league or club stature, and generally gives very little info full stop.

    So ALL we have learned is that the work permit system for football is called something else, and that's it.

    There are still permits required to play here.

    It is still a points based system.

    What I will say is that there is no mention of the 17 foreigner rule - so maybe we have learned that this part of the SI brexit rules is inaccurate, at least.



    Yes - a special measure - which was always going to happen with an industry like football. For people to believe we are not going to let any player in the country unless they play almost every game for a top international nation is utter lunacy.

  4. Just now, Amarante said:

    You can't really read can you?

    How do you think the point based system is judged by? 


    Literally Whats in my Brexit save right now

    Where does it state how many points you need, or how strict it is going to be?

    Hint: It doesn't state it anywhere, and it certainly won't be as harsh as the SI fairytale - you will see this as the years go by.

  5. 6 minutes ago, s1111 said:


    lol at all the people in this thread whining about the Brexit rules in their game that are in some cases actually less strict than what is actually to be implemented IRL from January 1st. Get used to it, this is how it will be managing in Britain from now on. 

    Even worse were the people claiming SI were making it all up, when what is currently in the game is based on the information they get from contacts across the football industry and what has been public in the media for years now. Seems like they were proven right after all :rolleyes:

    Can you quote one sentence from that article to suggest that the real life implementation of the SI fairytale is going to be as stringent as SI's. There is nothing in that to suggest that. They don't even disclose how many points are required, it could be that the player has to be required to be playing first team football at a reasonable level. There is no specifics for you even to act holier than thou.

  6. To the know it alls: Did you actually read the article?

    Nowhere in that does it state the Brexit will be anything like what SI have implemented, it is a points based system - that is all that we know from it and that's all we knew from before. Nowhere does it state a player cannot get a work permit if they have no international caps, youth caps, or whatever else. It is all decided by an exceptions panel, all clubs will have to do is ensure the player is to a high enough quality for the club signing them.

    In fact, there are no specifics in that at all - and because all the parties involved had such an easy time figuring the outcome would mean to me it is favourable for the clubs recruiting.

  7. 11 minutes ago, City1904 said:

    I do think the scaremongering by some in this thread stating it makes it impossible to sign players from abroad is factually incorrect, as I have proven in this thread. At worst it makes it inconsistent and unclear. Something that can easily be cleared up by SI confirming how it works in more detail.

    Exactly this. You see it on every Brexit discussion in every industry, about everything related to it. It is worst case scenario predicted every single time.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Junkhead said:

    Where exactly do you think this speculation and guesswork is?

    As it stands, every employer in the UK are going to have to abide by the points system that the Home Office has announced.  That is fact.

    The speculation & guesswork taking place on this thread is everyone saying that football will have some sort of special dispensation and be able to avoid these rules.

    The rules in the game which reflect what has actually been announced so far are NOT speculation & guesswork.

    Even if you went by the book, this is categorically not true. This is a high skill industry with high pay, just like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, the players will get in and the work permit system will not be this harsh. The implemention is wrong.

    I do not give a toss about politics or peoples political agendas, but I know the UK system will not be like SI has implemented it, through guesswork and speculation

  9. Just now, ATV said:

    would it have made more sense for SI to have done nothing with Brexit at the moment? as it's not clear how the rules are going to change in Football

    Yes. It would have made complete sense. The fact it's so drastically different from last year tells you that. It is a pointless feature put in for nothing more than PR ahead of 2018's release.

    In the current rules SI have imagined up, England is the most difficult country in the world to get a work permit for. Just put that in perspective here. The rules are ridiclous.

  10. On 19/11/2020 at 15:21, Iwabik said:

    I don't follow british politics, but it's hard for me to think that EFL clubs would accept such limitations (if they can do anything about it).

    THIS. This is why the rules are unrealistic. They will not be this like this. You can't even hire a scout from a foreign country, it is ludicrous. We are not turning into North Korea.

    It is a fictional forecast that has no realism to it. Why don't they just remove Brexit until it's sorted? Does anybody actually LIKE the implementation of it?

  11. Also ask yourself what other country has such strict work permit restrictions in FM? Even countries with extremely strict border controls IRL do not struggle to get work permits from most countries (especially major ones).

    The foreign player limits are fine, the lack of ability to get a work permit for anybody other than a decent Prem player is completely wrong and unrealistic.

    Suddenly because of Brexit, England has become this hard border version of North Korea where players have to be world stars to gain entry, it’s complete rubbish and not realistic at all.

  12. I am glad it’s been brought up because it’s an absolute killer.

    I second the points made that it’s completely speculative yet we should “deal with it” because it’s happening in real life, well, it’s not going to happen the way SI have done it. I think it’s clear rules will be bent for football.

    It was all a marketing stunt last year to get FM in the news prior to release, most of the actual player base disliked it last year but dealt with it. This year, it’s even more extreme and I don’t think SI understand how much it puts players off, it has basically made managing inside England redundant for a lot of players.

    If SI care so much about the realism of the game, maybe they shouldn’t allow a 23 year old with no football history to take over Liverpool. It’s a football simulation, wait until the actual details are out before jumping the gun and putting ludicrous made up restrictions on people’s saves in the name of “realism”.

    This years FM is such a great game but one of my main gripes with FM over the last few additions, is there abandonment of the main player base in chase of headlines and new players. I think we all know who fuels this direction.

  13. I must admit the first impressions of this game are very, VERY good. And this is from somebody who loves to complain about FM.

    The speed optimisations make a huge difference to the game, it just feels smoother.

    And the way you see the differences in the tactics you change in the match engine is very promising, I feel noticable differences between mentalities that I haven't really seen on previous FM's.

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