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  1. I have uploaded it to the cloud service and saved it as; 15.02.2020 V Pyramids - Bug Report Edit: Drew Pyramid once more in the quarter finals of the cup and the 'tent' appeared again at their ground.
  2. Playing in the African Confederation Cup, random 'tent' on the sideline. Didn't cause any issues with game play as players would just clip right through it as if it wasn't there.
  3. So just started up a unemployed challenge and began my career in India. I gained up to the national b level before I began thinking. If I was to complete my coaching Badges say in England, would I get better training meaning better stats than I would from India? Also would the level of football count, say from gaining them in the premier League to the conference?
  4. So I started a save with TNS in the Welsh Premier League and have done 10 seasons so far. I have stormed the league every season and won a handful of domestic cups along the way with some IRN-BRU cups thrown in. So here's a little information about my club: [Finances] [Average League Attendance] [Facilities] [Clubs Reputation] [League Reputation] So I've never done a long term save where I attempt to build a leagues reputation up and have some questions. Attendance: I dug into the editor and found out my max attendance is 2783. I currently have a 3000 capacity but I fill out Shrewsbury's 9,875 stadium for big European games. However, I only ever get under 1,000 in League games. It is improving each season and I assume I'd eventually hit that max number but is it possible to increase this threshold? Oswestry Town is where I am based and it has a attraction of 0 and a inhabitants range of 10,001 to 25,000. Finance: As it currently goes, I'm only making a profit each year from qualifying for either the Champions League group stage or Europa. I restrict my self offering high wages to people who could improve my team slightly, and look to keep costs at a low. I've been trying to improve my income as much as I can, like going on tour to Ireland (Restricted to UK & Ireland), signing some past their prime stars; Rooney at 34, Ramsey at 33. Is their much more you can do to improve like merchandise sales, ticket prices, etc.. And would signing these golden oldies do much to shirt sales? League Reputation / European Co-Efficient: Should I continue on as TNS and solely drag the reputations of each up on my own? Or would I be better of resigning from TNS and moving onto another club. Obviously I'd be relying on the AI to do well with TNS in Europe but I believe the squad is strong enough to do just that.
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