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  1. @vikeologist i am new to the challenge, not anew identity. and to your question about China in game my owners are just throwing mounds of cash at me which is nice, my pre season transfer budget was 70 million and my wage budget at 110 million p/a. china is quite interesting in terms of navigating the squad rules which are for those of you who don't know, 3 foreign players in first 11 + 1 asian foreign player, Chinese GK (because the chinese FA wants their national team to have a better goalie) and transfer rules which are 5 players over the age of like 21, and no more than seven (including the five) over the age of 17 in one season (between both transfer windows, does not reset for mid season window). Chinese players overall arent particularly good but there are a few and since my board gave me an obscene amount of money in a league where there were only 7 players valued over 1 million to begin the year and none over 4 million I bought most of the best Chinese players from my closest rivals and am straight rolling.
  2. started the challenge in fm17 Beta after learning about it too late in they year to want to start one with fm16, already in my 3rd season (first season was a half season, am coaching in China where season is only 30 games). I started unemployed and am building my reputation in China, originally with first national side Zincheng (got them promoted after two years), than moved into the job opening of the reigning CSL champs Huaxia Xingfu and am well on my way to hopefully winning the asian version of the champions league and the CSL.
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