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  1. I’m just wondering what kind of success people have using this option? I have tried using this feature for the first time on the new FM20 and not had great success. The first player, my scout report said was available 30-34m so I added him to my transfer target list. Bearing in mind I had 100m to spend, I thought it would be fairly straight forward, but my DoF repeatedly bid 28m which was subsequently rejected each time (even though I had a budget to cover the full cost) before the transfer deadline passed. The second player I added saw a 5m bid accepted before the payer rejected the contract offer from my DoF, again well within budget. Is this normal? What success rate of transfers should I expect to be completed using this feature?
  2. I started as Newcastle on FM19 a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoying this save. Currently at the start of the second season (P6 W3 L3 so far) having finished 12th first time around, surviving a takeover from a consortium mid season headed up by ex Leicester City midfielder Theo Zagorakis. Didn’t have the best finish to the first season as I was around 8th/9th with 8 games to go, winning only one. Lost in the second round of the League Cup and was knocked out in round six of the FA Cup. Formation wise I tend to play 4-1-4-1 wing play most games, switching the mentality depending on who and where I am playing. Notable transfers included: In: Pavon 8m(10), Almiron 6m(8) Romero 5m(6) Cahill 1m(1.8) Tonoli 10m(12) Marin 7.5m(8) Butland 15m(18) Ntcham 15m(18) Gibson 12m(15) Passlack (Loan), Solanke (Loan), Abraham (Loan) Chambers 6m(8) Cresswell 5m(8) Hart 2.5m(3) Out: Perez 10m Diame 10m Ritchie 18m Yedlin 18m Muto 18m Dummett 18m Ki 12m Dubravka 10m Clark 10m Lejeune 10m. *Saviet 10m and Gayle 10m arranged transfers in Jan. Very happy with my business so far, finances are great and plan to strengthen in Jan especially with two squad players set to depart. Probably need to strengthen DL, MC, AML and ST. Open to transfer suggestions.
  3. @rubrub did you switch to FMT tablet form or do you play FMT desktop version? I’m seeing a lot of comments on other threads that there are a lot of injuries etc with the hope you’ll make in game purchases? Have you found that the case? I’m happy to make the switch as long as the game play is the same just more streamlined. To be honest, I used to set my assistant to take training, press conferences etc so this could suit me better from what people are saying.
  4. Hi @tyro, are these similarities/differences just on the PC version or same for PC to tablet form? i.e. is FMT for PC identical to FMT on the iPad and other tablets?
  5. Hi @trevjim, did you switch from laptop/PC to tablet version?
  6. Thanks for the reply’s guys. So, having trialled the FMT2018 laptop version for a couple of hours tonight, the only difference to the iPad version is touch screen as opposed to using the mouse pad and cursor? I’m a stickler for tradition but quite enjoyed the streamlined version. Has anyone else switched to FMT on iPad? How have you found it? Enjoyable or regretted it?
  7. Hi all, I’m after a bit of advice/info please. I’m seriously considering switching to FMT for 2019 main reasons being time and ease of dipping in and out of the game. Is there much difference to the full PC version? Is there any demos I could potentially trial before committing?
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