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  1. I regularly hit the woodwork twice, three times, sometimes even more times, per game. And it's not just a one time occurrence, it's game after game. Anyone else having the same issue? That being said, after the latest patch I've been finding the gameplay a lot better overall.
  2. Thought I might as well update quickly! I've played a few games today and it appears that there are partnership lines forming! Must have been sorted during the latest game update! Thank you Jemal!
  3. Literally the same issue for me. I had a pre-existing link between Torreira and Xhaka but no new ones form!
  4. Okay, I believe I've managed it... It's an Arsenal save, simply called "Arsenal.fm". Hope that does the job, let me know if I've made a mistake!
  5. Thanks for the reply Jemal, but how do I do that? Amateur, right? Cheers
  6. After completing my first season I noticed that there aren't any Partnership/Relationship lines between players, eg RB and RM. Guessing this is a bug, doesn't seem to detrimentally effect my team but it would be a nice fix if it can be sorted!
  7. Ah they could well be. Just had a flick through and it appears that the teams involved are Europa League participants! My mistake! Thank you though
  8. Early start and big gap in November and December are due to the Qatar 2022 World Cup being held in winter!
  9. Early Saturday Premier League kick offs are at 12.00pm (midday) however in real life they're at 12.30pm. There are also a high number of fixtures scheduled at 15.00 on Sundays on the game, which is really uncommon in real life with Sunday kick offs usually scheduled for 14.00 and 16.30 in the Prem. Little thing but really bugs me I guess!
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