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  1. Is that just the new cups that need 'sorting'? Are you able to upload what you have so far? Would appreciate it - even if we only can look at our teams/leagues/rivals and scout about a bit, just get ourselves acclimatised! thanks again for everything!
  2. I was hoping to take one of these really low teams all the way up to the champions leauge level and try and build it into a footballing powerhouse as a club. Does anyone know if that is possible - ive heard stories that there is some sort of hard cap you get on building out the club in terms of finances due to the clubs reputation, or does the reputation grow naturally as well? thanks for any advice
  3. Hey Dan, thanks for all your work on this! Do you have any idea when it may be released? Are you able to upload a WIP of the lower leagues you have currently for FM17 Again, really appreciated!
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