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  1. Spend payroll is wrong displayed when you hover over the bars.
  2. I have this scene almost every match at least once. Mine or the opposed player is fouled near the box and the ref then checks if it is a penalty or not. So far it is always no penalty and is pretty annoying watching this scene over and over again with the same result. Had it three times now in one game which i uploaded now. 18:45 44:40 73:00 ME1914 Eintracht Frankfurt v Hannover 96.pkm
  3. If it is like this, i think Rebic should be displayed as offender and not the defender who was fouled?
  4. Fits here … had an own goal disallowed after their center back pushed my player. Goal should have counted. Scene started 67th minute ME1914 Zenit v Eintracht Frankfurt.pkm
  5. Here … can't recreate the home screen though. This just happens from time to time. The one with the manager head so far 100%
  6. Had the same crash now twice browsing in the scouting screen. The game just freezes and no crash dumps is created. Just frustrating Also my friends online manager head changes to mine after loading the game for the first time. Also the home menu is messed up. I'm the host btw
  7. Don't have a screen anymore but i have this in the news when you're on a winning streak. Then the score is displayed like "26.10.18 3:... Team XY"
  8. So after loading my online save for the first time since starting it, my manager head appears also as my friends manager head. This also happens when he talks to his players. I'm the host btw
  9. uploaded the save … it is called "BDRick35Bteam.fm" Eredivisie and Ajax, my B-Team plays in the second league. Had them marked as "available for B-Team" since the start of the Season. They are marked as ineligible due to other match involvement but not all are picked. Noa Lang for example was just two times on the bench so he was available most of the time.
  10. So due to mentoring i've put my hot prospects into my first Team and made them available for my B Team. But half a Season played and they only get used during international breaks. The players are first league quality so they cannot be too bad for my B Team.
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