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  1. Can you clarify how to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup that happens every 4 years? I won the Europa but didn't qualify for the FIFA club world cup. Chelsea won it the year before I did but qualified. Please insert qualification process in the rules somewhere so its clearer.
  2. EURO CUP II league registration problem. In the qualifying round, there was no inbox message to register the players at all. Now all my players are unregistered and it is match day. I am playing Blackburn Rovers in EPL and finished 7th in the year before so qualified for the Euro Cup II. Match date was 18th August 2021. Save game is uploaded. " David Fellowstone - Blackburn 1.fm "
  3. The reserves team and the u18 are not automatically playing the unfit first team players even though in the staff responsibilities it was set to that already.
  4. With yesterdays launch of Stadia I think games like Football Manager is primed to reap the benefits of this. Even if a user has bad latency, it wouldn't affect FM as much as FPS games. The amount of people using ultra books nowadays is just so much and FM does load quite slowly on them. You would not be able to enjoy the full game on ultrabooks with many leagues loaded. If FM was on the Stadia platform, the processing power can be done with Google's data center. This would like all users load up 10 leagues easily while zooming by the processing. This also would help with graphics for the 3D engine etc. SI would no longer need to care about the end users PC capabilities and even if there is some small lags, it wouldn't even effect the gameplay for FM. It's not like a FPS game. You can also have some offline capabilities such as cloud syncing the save game incase some users want to still play offline and download the whole game on their PC. Hope you launch it on Stadia.
  5. I think a better visual way to see managerial accomplishments and performances season over season is needed. Something like the following:
  6. Seeing as its a manager game, we have tons of awards for players. Seems its logical to incorporate Coach of the Year award alongside the Ballon D'or, Fifa world player of the year, golden boy award etc.
  7. My player has minor issue that he wants to play in better division, this was since end of previous season when i was in championship but now got promoted to EPL.
  8. I think the current GUI for players and manager trophy wins are a bit backdated. I think the ones that are used on wikipedia is much easier and better to look at. Might be time to revamp some of the old screens to see stats. Player stats are being only being shown as a league stat. Nowadays cups and European cups stats are as important as league stats. For managers, just an idea as its easy to compare season by season like this. Not calendar year.
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