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  1. He's great. Has scored 30+ goals in both of his last 2 seasons for me as a complete foward on support.
  2. Adam Matthews has really become a pretty good FB for me. I've had him on a CB training schedule for the last 3 seasons and his defensive game has come on leaps and bounds, whilst not losing anything offensively.
  3. My team is so much better than everyone else domestically We're now undefeated in the league & cups 3 seasons running. Shame that we don't seem to be able to come close to challenging Europe's elite yet. Fode Koite scored 52 goals for me, I had him on loan for the season but I've signed him permanently on a free The rest of my squad. I expanded my scouting this season, bringing in some excellent new scouts with knowledge of lots of countries. Looks like it's paying off as they've found me some pretty good looking regens, including a 15 year old Greek with incredible technicals for his age, and his other stats aren't bad either
  4. How the hell do I ask a player to unlearn a PPM? *facepalm*
  5. Got this boy through Celtic's academy last season, starting to give him some 1st team football this year. I'm thinking about retraining him as a targetman as he might be more suited to that role over his natural winger position.
  6. Nice goal! I just finished my second season. Cleaned up domestically and went unbeaten in the league. Knocked out of CL group stages and qtr finals of Europa League. Will be a few in and out's over the summer I feel. Ledley wants to join a bigger club and I'll probably try to move Hooper on too. Hopefully they'll fetch good fees.
  7. So I splashed out a bit on Jelle Vossen in the January transfer window of my second season as he has perfect stats to put away all the chances my team are creating. So far he's not disappointed: Here's a screenshot of my squad: Buonanotte and dos Santos are ripping it up on the wings against the mostly inferior opponents. Ibricic dictates play nicely from MC. I'm trying to avoid the corner bug but even when set to 'mixed' I seem to score at an above average rate. I'll probably look to offload a player or two in the summer to ease the finances after the signing of Vossen. Might spell the end for Hooper as he's on far too much to be solely backup. Unfortunately I didn't make it out of my group due to being drawn with Inter, Dortmund & Zenit. Hopefully we can put a good run together in the Europa League.
  8. Yea Verratti is doing a great job in DLP for me Bank balance is mostly from getting transfer fees paid up front for outgoing players and paying over 48 months for incoming. £10m for Sung-Yong and £7.5m for Kayal were the biggest transfers
  9. I've managed to pick up some good players for my second season: Buonanotte, Verratti, Ochoa, Bovo, Gio dos Santos, Reinartz for a total of £18m, though we recouped £12m through the sales of Sung-Yong, Samaras, Juarez and released a few players too. Total wage bill is £376k/week which is a little high but we've a healthy bank balance of £30m and we've qualified for the CL group stages which should bring in a good amount.
  10. Can't say I've noticed. Hooper is becoming an England regular in my save. 5 caps and 4 goals :applause:I hope his value will increase!
  11. Hooper finished the season with 54 goals for me He just got his first England cap!
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