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  1. You think match schedule will/can be more realistic?
  2. Hey Red! May not be a data issue... But maybe you know who to bug for it! The match schedule can sometimes be pretty unrealistic.. One season I started with Ajax, after my supercup game vs. Feyenoord I played Feyenoord (a), PSV (a) and AZ (h) for my first 3 games... Do you know or fm21 will improve this? Be great to have Super Sundays! Lastly - in Holland they always give the teams more then 2 days rest prior to a European match - sometimes you can just reschedule a game if you like - will this be an option? I had the Cup final 2 days prior to a European game
  3. Both did very well! I got more play out of them in the AP role vs. regular Attacking mid. AF role went really well, Osimhen couldn't stop scoring.
  4. Thanks Latrell. Just having a really fast guy up front makes a difference. In his first season he played center some. Starting season 2 I got Victor Osimhen - who is fast, but also strong in the air. De Jong would be a perfect Volante, but he doesn't want to score, but would also have to adjust the system to much. He shines in this role aswell
  5. Holland Euro fun Euro Qualifications was easy, except we had to beat Germany away to get the nr 1 spot. What gives you three Euro home group stage matches I used the same formation and principles as the Ajax formation. The difference with Ajax are the world class center backs, van Dijk, de Ligt and de Vrij. Frenkie, Depay and Wijnaldum also help, but the back line is the big difference. You can pretty much always play with a higher line. It was a lot of fun: 3rd group match I was able to rest the starting line up. Wales match we couldn't score
  6. Ajax DNA: Positive mentality, high press, counter press, and play from the back New players: Formation: Asymmetric Player roles and attributes: Onana: Sweeper keeper support. Great goalie, who can play this role perfect. In addition to the regular goalie attributes, he has technique, passing, etc. all the fun stuff a sweeper keeper needs. Also has player trait uses long throw to start counter attacks. Hateboer: Full back on attack. Overlapping on the left inside forward, he is our force down the right wing. Key attributes: all high physicals and me
  7. Red: New database has the low determination and fitness stats fixed for the most part! Nicely done Playing three seasons now, db looks nice and realistic overall! One thing I came across to is that it's very difficult to buy high level Eredivisie players, as being Ajax. Min. price for a promising youth player from Fortuna Sittard is 30 million, and after a lot of back and forth, even using the press, making a lot of offers, getting the player crazy, the lowest amount for a 17 year old Willem II youngster is 50million.... No other club wants to have them. And they been p
  8. You mention the low random determination from a lot of eredivisie players is logged. What does that mean? Are you not allowed to change it? Isn't this a big deal for the data base? That players history is bit wrong, whatever, but their ability's super low. A pity for key players like Ihattaren, Stengs, Boadu, Wijndal, Gravenberch. Will this still be fixed with an update or not till FM2021?
  9. That is a mistake. Menzo is not a legend... Only play 6 times for the National team. I think Seedorf, Lenstra, Neeskens, Krol, Rensenbrink, Wim Jansen, van Hanegem (!), are missing
  10. Any news or FM is able to fix this, before the release ? Bytheway did you hear Dest is going to play for the US ?
  11. True different players! Many experts believe Malen is PSV's best forward, better then Lozano (same style, but Lozano has A LOT higher attributes on fm). Malen could not be a starter on PSV for FM while IRL he is for sure (leading goals scorer and on Dutch national team).
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