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  1. When playing online with my mates, sometimes we just want to see what super teams we could make using all the best players. Obviously this is currently impossible (without using the editor on a normal data base) with a max of $250m on the draft mode. Perhaps giving an option for unlimited or the option to set the budget at a custom amount would allow for more options when playing the draft mode Let me know what you guys think
  2. Literally just binge ready your Lincoln save from 2015, excited to see how this one goes.
  3. I finally have signed myself. The Tottenham fans are not impressed... oops
  4. Ahaha cheers man! no promises i'll be able to perform not sure what my PA is
  5. Yeah, without a doubt... Do you have the Australian database loaded?
  6. I'm certainty not the fittest person but I sure can last 90minutes in the process of Preseason too so hopefully we will shed some of those KGs ?
  7. Wages reflect some players for sure but not me, wish I was earning that for training twice a week! yeah I'm really not sure how they knew I supported Spurs as only really my friends know that, I don't really display it on Facebook or anything of the sort
  8. Might know who you are talking about. Yeah I don't normally go for overhead kicks but i've tried before In my friend's save my pace was a higher Wonder how I'll do when i sign myself for Tottenham first team Also could someone be a lad and screenshot my brother's stats, hes keen to find out his. Cheers
  9. I actually don't have FM17 yet I was just told by a friend so I can screenshot my stats I'm Jason if anyone wants to have a look and let me know. I heard I have high pace which is somewhat true
  10. Hey guys, just found this out and thought I would share my happiness with you all I play for a team in Division One in Western Australia and have somehow found my way into the game (Western Knights SC if you wish to look for me) I am completely stunned as to how I am in and how they knew I was a Spurs fan and spoke greek and such. Absolutely amazed and I certainly will be signing myself every save I do.
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