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  1. I am starting this challenge with Warrington
  2. In FM18 I had a scout lose a point, he was 19 potential ability and that went down to 18. Perhaps because he was at a low level club, but it seems they can get worse as well as improve.
  3. Bolt cannot be signed on an amateur contract, there is no such thing in the A-league. There is nothing to stop CCM signing Bolt as a marquee (now officially called designated player) if they have the money, which the probably don't. They just will not be getting any help from the leagues Marquee fund which helped Melbourne Victory sign Honda, and previously helped Melbourne City sign Cahill. If Bolt was prepared to sign a two year deal on minimum wage or slightly more then It might not be a total joke but I think it will take a lot more money than that. Bolt is not good enough and even if he trains for another 6 months is still very unlikely to be good enough.
  4. It should not be an subjective opinion. There are statistics about how many goals come from crosses in real life and the match engine tries to simulate that in the game. If the game simulates over a large number games close to the same number as in real life then it is success.
  5. I am pretty sure Neil Brock stated this in another thread.
  6. He will be in the game if he signs a contract with CCM quite soon. I am not sure how likely it is he will get a contract, but it is certainly greater than zero. Bolt said after he was substituted that he planned to sit down with the club in the next few days and see whether he was going to be signed or not and where things go from here. As far as the speed goes, there was one time fairly early in the game where he took off to close down a defender and he was super quick. However when he got to the defender he just pushed him over and gave away a free kick. Still his lack of football intelligence means he does not know how to use his pace effectively. If I was to coach Bolt I would be telling him to forget about his pace, and try and use his other asset, his height and jumping ability. He would be practising heading the ball as much as possible. He might then be an option to come off the bench for the last 20 minutes and try and head in crosses or corners.
  7. Have you actually watched him play? From what I saw in the two appearances he played for CCM his endurance was terrible, it has been noted by others who have watched the games as well.
  8. Bolt's stamina should be extremely low even if his pace and acceleration are 20. His jumping reach should be very high as well, he is tall and can jump quite high, but his heading ability should be low.
  9. The game is now making me look like an idiot because it is no longer crashing. It definitely had a problem the first time I tried it after the update to 18.2.0 but now it is working fine. Puzzled but at the moment it seems 18.2.0 has solved my issue, although why it crashed once I have no idea. Thank you for all your help, lets hope I don't have to post in this thread ever again.
  10. It is NOT the team talk screen I have been talking about. The game has crashed on a number of screens including looking at my inbox. The crash I can repeat though is on the first screen which comes up after hitting submit team to go to the next match in a particular save. It also has occurred on the first screen after the match finishes before going to the dressing room to give the team talk if I leave it sitting on that screen. It does not happen very often and always seems to happen if I leave the game sitting for a while to do something else either on the computer or away from the computer. One example was after I scored a come back 7-6 win after being 5-2 down as part of the dafuge challenge and then went to the thread about the challenge to post about about the game. I just posted and then FM crashed so it had probably been sitting for about 5 minutes. It does not happen as a result of me clicking anything or while I am actively playing the game.
  11. @Neil Brock18.2.0 has NOT solved this issue. Very disappointing.
  12. @Neil Brock Over a week now without a replay. I have taken away added graphics and it still happens. I have provided a dxdiag and Belarc report. I have answered every question I have been asked. What further information do you need to solve this problem? Please provide some more help, I have been very patient but this is taking far too long.
  13. As far as I know I removed everything I added/changed to the game, a face pack and some logos and some other changes that are not normally mentioned. I have not used any additional leagues, or skins. It continued to do crash without these extras. I am currently able to play the game I mentioned in my last post since the crash without any problems, not that I have made much progress, I have not had much time to play it.
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