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  1. Thank you for your reply. Whenever I make my u19's line up in tactics it's only fixed for the upcoming game. Is there a way to change this?
  2. Okay thank you for your reply and advice. I'm going to move Chekri back to the u19's and hope the youth manager plays him regularly. I will also Loan Racioppi and Solet as their first team game time is limited.
  3. Thank you for your reply. It now makes alot of sense knowing that the AI uses CA. I do think Sports Interactive should look into this further as I can guarantee Rayan Chekri is playing every game for the 19's in real life. I've taken your advice onboard regarding the future prospects and altered their training schedules accordingly. I have a few wonderkids that I've purchased for my starting XI such as Noah Katterbach (19) & Marash Kumbulla (19). Would you recommend training them on double or normal intensity as they are already starting every senior fixture? Also, if a youth player
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently managing Lyon in my first season. We have excellent youth players in both our 19's & reserves such as Rayan Chekri, Florent Da Silva, and many more. I've began upgrading the youth facilities and training facilities at the club and eventually I will improve the junior coaching when given the option. I've also hugely improved the background staff for both development sides. My issue is that I've noticed my U19's manager isn't playing my wonderkids often enough. I'm 7 games into the season and both Rayan & Florent have only played in one U19'S fixture. I
  5. Thank you for the info... i've decided to hire Samaden!
  6. Hello all, I'm managing Lyon in my fourth season, my preferred formation is 4231. My regens have been pretty good. I've maxed out the facilities and junior coaching. However, I'm thinking of upgrading my HOYD. My current HOTD is Jean-François Vulliez. My options are: Alex Inglethorpe (who shares my preferred formation) but has slightly less JPA/JPP & WWY. or... Roberto Samaden (who doesn't share the same preferred formation) but has maxed JPA/JPP & WWY all at 20. My concern is, Alex Inglethorpe's scouting knowledge is in England and Roberto Samaden's scouting knowled
  7. Hello, What option do I select in training to chose the match preparation? I can’t find it. Thank you. Kind regards, RuffJustice13
  8. Hello, I’ve started a Non League beta save with Dartford. I’ve left my Individual & General Training to my assistant, however this year I cannot see who controls the Match Preparation. I’ve started my league games and it’s automatically picking the preparation selection. How do I change this like last year? Kind Regards, RuffJustice13
  9. Thanks for quickly replying! I can't seem to find the 'Use specified fixtures' button?
  10. Hello, I don't understand how to import the file into the Football Manager editor? Regards, Reece.
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