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  1. Thank you for the info... i've decided to hire Samaden!
  2. Hello all, I'm managing Lyon in my fourth season, my preferred formation is 4231. My regens have been pretty good. I've maxed out the facilities and junior coaching. However, I'm thinking of upgrading my HOYD. My current HOTD is Jean-François Vulliez. My options are: Alex Inglethorpe (who shares my preferred formation) but has slightly less JPA/JPP & WWY. or... Roberto Samaden (who doesn't share the same preferred formation) but has maxed JPA/JPP & WWY all at 20. My concern is, Alex Inglethorpe's scouting knowledge is in England and Roberto Samaden's scouting knowledge is in Italy. Can they adapt to being a HOYD in france? If so, will it effect my future regens whilst they make that transition? Overall, I'm asking if it's worth changing my HOYD and if so what option do I take? Kind regards, RuffJustice13
  3. Hello, What option do I select in training to chose the match preparation? I can’t find it. Thank you. Kind regards, RuffJustice13
  4. Hello, I’ve started a Non League beta save with Dartford. I’ve left my Individual & General Training to my assistant, however this year I cannot see who controls the Match Preparation. I’ve started my league games and it’s automatically picking the preparation selection. How do I change this like last year? Kind Regards, RuffJustice13
  5. Hello, I'm currently managing Ipswich Town in the Championship. This is my 1st season and I'm 6 games into the season. We have won every game so far which is great! However... the last few games all the players are getting 'really nervous'. I've tried different touchline shouts but nothing is working. It's now affecting the results. Please help! Kind Regards, Ruffjustice13
  6. Thank you for your reply. I will probably continue this save if my u23's won't be affected by this. When I click on their schedule it doesn't say that they are playing games however, some of the players match sharpness are improving? Are they actually playing games that I can't see?
  7. Hello, I'm currently managing Bourissia Dortmund in my 1st season. My u19's and u23's are very good however I've just realised that my u23's aren't in a league? They only play friendlys on a weekly basis. 1. Will this affect their development? 2. Can I join an official league? My u19's are playing in Divison 1 West which is pleasing. Any ideas or advice is wecome. Thank you.
  8. Hey guys, I'm currently managing Dartford in the Conference south in my 1st season. It's Jan 2018 and we are currently sitting Top of the league, only losing two games so far. My coaching qualifications & past playing history is on the default for Dartford. My team cohesion is Average, Dressing room atmosphere is Good & Managerial support is also Average. How can I improve these stats? The squad is only 'content' with the training sessions which my coaches take care of. Could the training influence the dynamics? If so, how can I alter the training sessions for the better? I can provide screenshots if needed. Lastly, my team talks are usually good and I've only upset two players so far. Both were not influential squad members. I sold one of them and the other is on the transfer list. All advice is appreciated. Kind regards, Reece.
  9. Hello, I'm currently managing Dartford in my 1st Season in the Conference South. I have quite a large squad of players however I don't have an u23's option. How do I create a reserves team in order for my squad to gain fitness every week? Kind regards, Reece.
  10. Thank you for that information. I've arranged a friendly every week until my second season where hopefully I'll receive an invitation.
  11. I'm unsure if the conference south has a youth league. How would I find out?
  12. Hello, I'm currently managing Eastbourne Boro in my first season. I'm enjoying fm18 so far however my u23s and u18s doesn't have any fixtures. I'm looking to play some of my rotation players in the u23s to gain match fitness but this isn't possible since they aren't in a youth league. How can I fix this? Kind regards, Reece.
  13. Thanks for quickly replying! I can't seem to find the 'Use specified fixtures' button?
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