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  1. Sorry if im being dumb here, but what about all the ME v1339 changes listed along with the 13.3.0 database update?? Arent these new ME changes or were they released earlier or something?
  2. Did updates v1314-v1318 (listed on the first page) all get released at the same time as update v1313 or have they each been released individually over the last few weeks??
  3. I completely agree that this adds to the realism of the game and I personally love the new transfer features. However, just for the sake of learning all the features of the game and in-game feature consistency, I was just curious whether there was a way to get the chairman to deal with transfers of players on your transfer targets shortlist without him also going for his own players? The default setting in the game is for the assistant to deal with your transfer target shortlist players, and if you decide to bring in a DOF then he ends up doing it. Here you have the power of deciding who deals with bringing in your chosen targets. However, whilst it is possible, the only way to get your chairman to do it seems to be if you dont have either an assistant or DOF - or you allow him to try bring in his own players too. You dont seem to be able to delegate him to do this job. I only raise this as an issue becuase you CAN delegate the Chairman to do the overall job of looking for his own players, (which includes dealing with your chosen transfer targets), but not the latter job on its own. I am playing as Tottenham and therefore want Daniel Levy's negotiating skills to be utilized!
  4. Is there any way to get the Chairman to try to sign players you put on the transfer target shortlist? When I try either my director of football does it or my assistant (if i dont have a DOF). The chairman does it if I give him overall responsibility for finding players to bring to the club (in 'Staff responsibilities'), but by doing this he tries to bring in players of his choosing as well as those I want which can get quite annoying...
  5. Just started playing the game last night as Tottenham and I put a couple of players on my transfer targets shortlist for my chairman Daniel Levy to try to negotiate on my behalf. Originally I had myself selected in 'Staff responsibilities' to sort out any transfers which meant that when I put players on the transfer targets shortlist and asked the club to handle them it was my assistant Steffen Freund who sorted them out. However, I want the chairman to do this. Therefore I selected the option in 'Staff Responsibilites' for Daniel Levy to do this. However, whilst this works, it also leaves room for Daniel Levy to try to buy his own targets. Whilst this isn't a massive problem (because I have final say on all transfers) it can still get quite annoying. So my question is - is there a way to get the chairman (who is my best negotiator) to deal with my my chosen transfer targets without pursuing his own? At the moment the only options I can get are Steffen Freund doing it, or Daniel Levy doing it but whilst trying to buy his own targets too. Thanks
  6. I would REALLY like to see a champions league qualification option when choosing your budgets because the difference between continental qualification (ie. qualifying for europa league) and title challenge is massive. This is especially needed for teams like tottenham, villa and everton where the aim at the start of each season is to break the top 4 and get champions league football (ie. more than just getting continental competition but less than a title challenge.) Also, having this option would stop the problem you get when you play with teams like Arsenal. The board say they want champions league qualification at the start of the season. However, with your budget options, if you select Continental Qualification should be possible the overall season's minimum expectation drops down to just qualifying for the europa league, something that would seem a failure if achieved by the manager of Arsenal. However, if you then choose Title Challenge from the budget options you have to finish very close to the leaders to not come under pressure...therefore, either have it so when you select continental competition from the budget choices, the season's aim remains at champions league footaball and does not drop to just europa league, or introduce a champions league qualification option in the budget choices.... Any thoughts?
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