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  1. You work in Public Transport? Explains how you're so bloody patient at least top work as always pal, appreciate you adding the York league in as well, get to play some proper local football! Everyone round my parents at half time for a cuppa, bet they'll be thrilled...
  2. Anyone having trouble with being unable to load england because there's too many teams in the Midland League, go into the editor for Kidderminster Harriers, "Reserve Teams", and remove the league from their U23 team, as it's not even used, it's just been assigned a league incorrectly. Not sure why they're there as I checked the Midland League website and it's Kidderminster Harriers U21s that play in the U21 West (they're top of the table at the minute actually), but there's no team called Kidderminster in the main Midland FL.
  3. Because at the end of the day Dan can't test for every scenario. If he releases a WIP version, people can bug test it for him while he moves on to completing that stage, and moving onto the next one. Game developers do it with Early Access.
  4. Just a thought because I remembered it from the FM19 version, is the person who did the logopack doing one for this edition as well? Obviously with you doing some different leagues there's gonna be teams without badges.
  5. Enjoying being able to play lower down, top work pal, excited for Level 11 where I'm planning on a save in the Sheffield & Hallamshire Premier Division! Haven't found any issues with the database other than the sub rules being 3 from 7 rather than 3 from 5 past the Conference N/S.
  6. Will be well worth the wait as always, the amount of detail you go into is almost absurd!
  7. In my experience it's easier to replace a team, as adding a team to a league would involve changing the number of teams in said league, meaning for example you might have one league with 25 teams in it. If you're struggling to find which team to replace, I usually go for the one with lowest reputation, or I just pick a team that got promoted last season (harsh for those teams but hey).
  8. Spot on pal you gotta enjoy it, that's the key thing, if people start pestering and asking when's it out every other day then it'll become a chore, do it as and when you want, the majority of us understand how tedious this sort of thing is.
  9. Glad at very least you can get started with it pal, just have to alter the relegations when the fix is rolled out I suppose! At least it won't affect your progress too much, looking forward to it, you have an unbelievable amount of patience and that's coming from someone who loves statistics :P
  10. I've stared at the Advanced rules for probably about 4-5 hours now and done loads of fiddling trying to get the super playoff to work, always just says 4 teams getting promoted rather than 6. (As well as "5 extra teams requested" whatever that is). Suspect this has something to do with the faffing about they've had to do with the Bury situation, as there's multiple entries for each league below League 1, as well as the N/S leagues going up to 24 teams in 2020.
  11. Yep, noticed this issue as well, right ballache as I usually set up a temporary database down to step 7 or 8 before playing my regular save, adds a bit more realism and challenge if you can actually get relegated further down to regional level. Does anyone actually understand the advanced rules? I stared at them for a while last night and can't for the life of me find out how to alter promotions/relegations in the new one, even in the Promotion/Relegation sections.
  12. Must not have been changed, Youth Facilities and Coaching 15, Recruitment and Importance up at 20, wondered why they'd been dominating the leagues for a few seasons!
  13. Any possibility of adding the new Bristol City badge to this? Even just in an alternative folder, think it looks gorgeous.
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