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  1. Gawd yes please, find it by far the most tedious thing you can't delegate.
  2. And get a fat wad of cash from Microsoft as compensation for doing so. It's hard to believe you seriously expect a company to go from selling a game for £40 to offering a subscription worth pennies a month.
  3. Gawd please give us a way to suppress the Are you sure you want to Scout? messages, it's getting old fast
  4. Players still get arsey about being asked to train in one natural position over another, really tiresome bug/feature/whatever. In 16 lists of staff (selecting who for coaching advice/scouting, etc.) offered the relevant attributes next to each name for making a quick and easy choice, really miss this in 17. The initial club selection screen hangs for long periods on my low-powered machine (in contrast to the rest of the game which is wonderfully snappy vs 16) leaving me unable to select the Quick/Advanced Start buttons. Otherwise, it's a thing of joyous beauty. Be happy
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