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  1. Merton Stand is all seater and seats 1818. Len Weston Stand has seating in the upper tier and has 936 seats so whatever those two figures together are.
  2. Hereford ground capacity on game is wrong - its 4,913 not the 8000+ the game says.
  3. Got 30 hours of gametime already since beta opened (and I have a new baby and 2 other kids and its half term....!) Good fun, on my 3rd career save at the moment after finishing 1 season with Wolves, now onto Shrewsbury. Did have a game going with Boston but game crashed (not the game's fault, something went weird on my computer and shut the game down!) Well worth it!
  4. Gibraltar is available to manage as a country from the start, didn't look at the leagues though.
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