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  1. Will have to to disagree on that. After watching him most weeks for the last 6 seasons he is definitely a lot quicker than he’s been rated on this years game. He’s now rated as the slowest player in the squad! Big reduction from last seasons 14/13 ratings. The reason nobody has taken a chance on him seems to be his perceived image outside of the club. With the right club he could step up to the Championship with ease.
  2. Peterborough United: Mark Beevers is the captain not Alex Woodyard. Jason Naismith is out on loan so is no longer vice captain. Woodyard was named vice captain at the start of the season but is no longer captaining the team in Beevers absence. Sam Cartwright is a natural centre back, right back should be a secondary position. Josh Knight has played the end of last season and all this season as a centre midfielder he should be more natural in this position than he is rated in the game but is only on loan from Leicester. Siriki Dembele has played the majority of his games for Posh as an AML (inside forward/inverted winger) this should be his natural side. Ricky Jade Jones is a highly rated striker not a central midfielder. Marcus Maddison is underrated on his acceleration and pace attributes (9/7). He is faster than Niall Mason rated 12/11 and as fast maybe even faster than Ivan Toney rated 14/14. Missing Youth Team Players: Conor Peters (CD), Aaron Powell (LB), Charlie O'Connell (CD/CM), Shaun Ruzvidzo (CM/AMC), Nicky Gyimah-Bio (AMR/L), Taylor Horne (RB/RM), Shaun Keane (RB). Co-owners alongside Darragh MacAnthony are Jason Neale and Randy Thompson. Craig Smith is the first team fitness coach. On the game he is U18 fitness coach. Gary Wakefield is head physio. Chris Turner should be listed as club legend as former manager and player.
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