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  1. I've only been playing FM for several months so this is my first interaction with the SI community. I'm sorry my first post is a needy one. I'm experiencing a crash on the second day of my new save. The issue occurs usually at the very start of the match when the players first appear on the screen, or in the middle of the game. It is the first match of the save and is the one set up by the assistant manager to evaluate the squad. I have tried the troubleshooting suggestions on the FM support page and have restarted my computer. My video drivers are up to date, but I have not upgraded to the latest Mac OS (Sierra). Also, my machine definitely surpasses the system requirements for the game. The exact date in the game that the crash occurs is July 7, 2015. The crash report is attached, but I couldn't upload the save game file because it is too large. I might be doing something wrong, though. I GREATLY appreciate any help in advance. I'm desperate to get some time logged on FM16 before 17 launches!!! CRFM7215.rtf
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