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  1. Surprised nobody discovered the wonderkids mine that is RB Salzburg in Austria
  2. Thank you for your input! I took some of your advices and put them to test on my tactics Looks good on paper I suppose. Next game, again, no CCC. That seems like the 10th game in a row or so where I did not create a clear cut change, that seems mad. Still bossing everything else tho, even won around 20% more headers too. Well then. I did also swap my wingers ingame. I dont know, I just think this year just isnt mine. I had massive success and fun the last couple years but it looks like its time to move on. Thank you for your help tho, but I am really at the end with FM20.
  3. First of all, thank you for your comment ! As i already explained, I average a very high possession % in all games, so even do I know that I do not set my team up for tiki-take, it does what I want, on paper. High possession, high shot count. Its just the CCC I am struggling with, even defensively I suppose it is solid for a 4-2-31 (might getting battered in the 1. Bundesliga tho, who knows) So for now I suppose I need to figure out how to score more goals, the AF - SS partnership sound like something I need to try.
  4. So here is what I changed : - IF on support, immediatly he scored twice in the first goal -> positive change so far - I am not sure about the W/A tbh, I dont have a natural winger (with good crossing), but I have 2 good left footed IW´s, especially Serrano. I did change the FB to support tho, nothing noticeable as of yet. - changed the BBM to a DLP and the APM to AM/T, I did struggle defensively a lot tho (screens follow) which I guess happens because the DLP doesnt attack as early as the BBM. Instructions: - no pass into space, also lowered the tempo one tick. Not sure, goals are still a rarity. - no work the ball into box, resulted into more shots without shots on target. Highlight, the game vs Aue. 15 shots, 3 on targets, not a single CCC while having 59% possession. Meanwhile they won with 4 shots on target and also no CCC. - removed "play out of defense". Again, nothing noticeable changed, I still have lots of possession, I still dont score enough. Maybe I should try the "Counter" TI to see if I can score more goals. And those are the results: So basically TLDR; I am still in the job, barely, but results are still ****. 5 goals scored, 4 conceded. Lost the only home game tho funnily enough (again, not a single CCC with 19 shots/10 on target) Despite having 3 people in the front 4 on attack, I cannot score for if our lifes depend on it. I am bossing possession, my passing % are good, my tackles won % are good, my players are quality wise miles and miles better than anything the league has to offer, I am having more shots each game, I am having more possession each game, I basically have everything more each game. My team is the dominant side, I am the clear favourite but I can never show it. I am seriously considering quitting this FM as nothing seems to work, its frustrating the every living hell out of me and I really dont know what else to try.
  5. My AF is my topscorer tho. The higher temp is simply because I want them to move quicker and pass quicker, possession is still possible and it also works ingame, I never have less than 55% possession, even in away games.
  6. I did get exploited a lot before the newest ME update with through balls/over the top balls because my CB´s wanted to make careers as Michael Jackson double´s and just ran backwards. I "fixed" this before the update with a normal/deeper d-line and since the newest update it actually never happend again. Changing the FB/BBM roles might be something I look into but for now I suppose not scoring enough is what troubles me most. Thank you tho
  7. Hello guys, to start off, normally I love delving into the game, developing and testing unique tactics for my teams and watching games over full length in pre-season and tinkering to create my perfect fitting tactic in every FM. I managed to this in every version over the last couple years, except for this. I posted a bunch of times before in the tactic help forum but never got quite this frustrated as eventually success started to come after a bunch of tips from you guys. I managed a bunch of teams this year, the likes of City, Salzburg, Lazio, Barcelona, Gladbach or Marseille and I never, never ever, was successful. I probably got sacked more times than I won league title, the only noteable achievement was the domestic treble with City (year 2022 or so, complete OP squad). Now my lattest team I tried to manage was/is Stuttgart. A very talented side at the start in the 2. Bundesliga where I managed to get promoted in the first season, but only barely managed to get 2nd after bottling the leauge title in the last few games. I immediatly got relegated in the Bundesliga (note that I used a different tactic, more defensive and counter heavily) and after a strong start to the season, it seems that I once again will be sacked soon. So lets get started. So this is my current tactic. As Stuttgart I am supposed to steamroll the 2. Bundesliga with this team and therefore I decided to use a more possession based/dominant tactic. Names like Schlager/Brekalo/Gnagnon should be pretty known so you see the team is very good and should even be useable for the 1. Bundesliga. as for PI´s, the only things I use are "less crossing" and "cross from byline" as A) my striker isnt the biggest and B) crossing isnot very effective I started the season well and I was very excited. Was I finally getting the grip of FM20 ? Am I finally able to enjoy the game ? Nope. Big nope in my face, yet again. I did not change anything with the tactic, no injuries or rotation, I used my first team and the same tactic. As you can see, defensively we are pretty solid. We struggle to score goals, although I play with "Work ball into the box" most of my games look like 20 shots -5 shots on target. My possession is also very good, I think i average around 60%, So now that you have a good overview of whats going on, please, if you would be so kind guys, take a look and tell me whats going wrong. I know that "bad runs" happen but again, this happens the entire FM20. Its frustrating and I am pretty sure this is the least fun I had with FM in the last 5 years. If you need any additional informations, please hit me up. Thank you !
  8. I can only tell you again, its not as easy as raising the CA. What Salzburg does in the EL/CL is extraordinary, but its not the norm. And you also cant rate the international performances alone, you are trying to judge a team by 5 games !!! this season. And not only that, Salzburg has been atrocious against Napoli both times, the first half at Liverpool alwso showed why they arent rated higher, Liverpool just played them like an amateur team. Against Napoli they were lucky to not concede 4 or 5 in the first half alone. What you are doing is just taking the results into consideration which you should never do. This year they really only dominated Genk, and honestly, Genk really did not look ike a CL team either. Against Napoli and Liverpool they got 1 point so far, which shows how far behind they are besides their deadly counters and high tempo pressing. Everything else, including the defense, is very lackluster. Also we had someone win the CL with the Salzburg squad in the first season with no additional transfers. The simulations had pleasent results both with international games and the leagues/nations coeff. Again, I can reall just push this as much, its not just "raise the CA of X player". There has to be balance within the league, other clubs on this level and the nations. Giving players like Haaland or Szobo more CA also has direct impact on their NT performances, their transfers and also their PA. The higher the CA, the higher the PA because a 19 year old is not 10 CA away from his end PA, right ? So in conclusion, and this will be my last reasonable try to explain, Salzburg has failed to qualify for the CL for 13 years now, its their first season which they could still drop to the EL, they have one of the worst defenses in the CL and their star players had half a season of good performances. Yet you want them to be in the top 50 ? I am a Salzburg supporter IRL, i watch and analyse next to all games, even the ****** ones you dont even know they played, and I can tell you: within the GAME, they are fairly well rated. Simulations showed that too. Could we still do some tweaks here and there ? Sure. But we wont raise their CA rating by a massive CA boost because that doesnt work with the GAME and it wouldnt replicate them correctly.
  9. Patrick Koglgruber – FC Red Bull Salzburg.fm sorry. I just did some transfers which funnily went through, but if you take a look at club vision, the board is dissapointed with signing players from Ghana or Mali despite it being "low priority" and me also buying some players from these countries. Its the transfer window, so just try to sign any player really, the board will initially block it immediatly, only in a few cases I was able to appeal it successfully.
  10. Again, its not just how they perform IRL, we also have to keep in mind other leagues/teams. Its really not as easy as "putting them up 10 CA each". We´ll take your complains into consideraton for the winter update tho, but just right now they have drawn to Admira Wacker Mödling. I think its the mentality and teamwork that puts them ahead in the EL/CL each year, because in the league they are not steamrolling like PSG does for example. And you specifically asked for a 30M release clause for Leipzig, didnt you ? I can just tell you again, we do not implement anything based on pure speculation. But if you feel like you´d do a better job as researcher, go ahead and shoot me a PM so you can do my part next year, how does that sound ?
  11. just FYI, C.Freund just denied that a clause like this exists. This is also the reason why we wont add everything journalists talk, after all its their job to generate clicks, and they´ll do it with any means possible. I hope you understand now. as @Fire_03 said, we cannot up some of the attributes because that would raise their CA. Even tho we have, and want to, create players as realistic as possible, we still have to act within the borders of FM, a game. While we respect everyone´s opinion and try to learn as much as possible from it, it is also not possible to please everyone. We´ll take your points into considerations, thanks for the feedback
  12. To add to the topic above, I managed to "Fix" the problem by buying random players from Mali/Ghana. But once I move them to the U18 squad or transfer/loan them, the board becomes unhappy again. I am literally not allowed to do ANY transfer at this point. I aint even allowed to bring in new players from Ghana, because I dont have enough from Mali. So I gotta buy some random players from Mali first so I can buy players from Ghana. This affects both youth and senior players. Really, this has to be hotfixed, if thats the case with other clubs/leagues/nations, this is absolutely gamebreaking. I am not able to continue the FC Salzburg save properly because the board isnt happy and I am not able to transfer any players. Now as stated above, those players are either too expensive, would break my wage structure or would not play a single game.
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