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  1. No, players with a common name only show that ingame (like most brazilians), the entire name is visible at the players info I believe
  2. Sorry if this has already been brought up but I am just curious as to why the injuries in the Liverpool squad arent up to date ? VVD atleast because he has been out for weeks now, but Gomez aswell ? Cheers.
  3. He already is the best player CA/PA wise in Austria. He is only 19 and still inconsistent, imo there is no need for a further CA increase. Regarding the clause, we wont add clauses in Austria that are only rumoured. We need official sources close to the club or Szobo. You also have a logo pack installed, you sure you didnt alter any other game files ?
  4. Imo, as long as its not officially confirmed, the clause should not be in the game. There have been plenty of rumours in the past about Salzburg players and in some cases these clauses have turned out to be not existing. Sponsor names are not allowed due to licensing, thats why the Red Bull Arena is also called EM-Stadion Wals Siezenheim.
  5. Surprised nobody discovered the wonderkids mine that is RB Salzburg in Austria
  6. Thank you for your input! I took some of your advices and put them to test on my tactics Looks good on paper I suppose. Next game, again, no CCC. That seems like the 10th game in a row or so where I did not create a clear cut change, that seems mad. Still bossing everything else tho, even won around 20% more headers too. Well then. I did also swap my wingers ingame. I dont know, I just think this year just isnt mine. I had massive success and fun the last couple years but it looks like its time to move on. Thank you for your help tho, but I am reall
  7. First of all, thank you for your comment ! As i already explained, I average a very high possession % in all games, so even do I know that I do not set my team up for tiki-take, it does what I want, on paper. High possession, high shot count. Its just the CCC I am struggling with, even defensively I suppose it is solid for a 4-2-31 (might getting battered in the 1. Bundesliga tho, who knows) So for now I suppose I need to figure out how to score more goals, the AF - SS partnership sound like something I need to try.
  8. So here is what I changed : - IF on support, immediatly he scored twice in the first goal -> positive change so far - I am not sure about the W/A tbh, I dont have a natural winger (with good crossing), but I have 2 good left footed IW´s, especially Serrano. I did change the FB to support tho, nothing noticeable as of yet. - changed the BBM to a DLP and the APM to AM/T, I did struggle defensively a lot tho (screens follow) which I guess happens because the DLP doesnt attack as early as the BBM. Instructions: - no pass into space, also lowered the tempo one tick
  9. My AF is my topscorer tho. The higher temp is simply because I want them to move quicker and pass quicker, possession is still possible and it also works ingame, I never have less than 55% possession, even in away games.
  10. I did get exploited a lot before the newest ME update with through balls/over the top balls because my CB´s wanted to make careers as Michael Jackson double´s and just ran backwards. I "fixed" this before the update with a normal/deeper d-line and since the newest update it actually never happend again. Changing the FB/BBM roles might be something I look into but for now I suppose not scoring enough is what troubles me most. Thank you tho
  11. Hello guys, to start off, normally I love delving into the game, developing and testing unique tactics for my teams and watching games over full length in pre-season and tinkering to create my perfect fitting tactic in every FM. I managed to this in every version over the last couple years, except for this. I posted a bunch of times before in the tactic help forum but never got quite this frustrated as eventually success started to come after a bunch of tips from you guys. I managed a bunch of teams this year, the likes of City, Salzburg, Lazio, Barcelona, Gladbach or Marseille and I
  12. So much negativity in this thread, holy moly. Since I started playing FM, which was FM15 I guess, I got around 1000 hours each year out of the game, for what, 50 Euro or so ? Which is AMAZING value for money. And that alone lets me shrug off all the smaller bugs or details that do not fit because come FM20 beta, and I look back at the FM19 year, I know It was worth. So instead of complaining about all the things maybe take a look at the positive things about FM, its a one-time purchase without any shady DLC´s, microtransactions (bar the few things, e.G ingame editor) or "momentum" cr
  13. Could someone explain to me, or point me to a thread, how different the pressing mechanics ingame are ? For example, if I use "Gegenpress" in a 4-4-2, it will afffect my midfield 4 and my strikers. How does that work with a striker role that presses less for example ? Also, if I dont use Gegenpress and instruct my midfield 4 and my strikers to press more, where is the difference ? Surely the "Gegenpress" will be more aggressive right after losing the ball, but what if I do split press and go more aggressive on the slider opposed to "Gegenpress" ? Please pm or @ me as I am not o
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