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  1. Hello, thanks for your feedback! Regarding Szobo, he has played CM/ACM most of his career and also did so under Rose, he just recently switched to the LM positon since Marsch took over. He is therefore naturally a CM/ACM, but Salzburg does not play with a central midfield in their core formation. About Wöber, his media description is CB and his attributes also reflect that, given how he is a left footed player the LAV position suits him very well, thats where he plays at Salzburg instead of Ulmer often too, and I think he also did ad some point in the NT IIRC. I´ll forward this to @Fire_03 tho. Haaland is listes as a Pressing Forward in my game and thats how he plays IRL aswell. He isnt complete enough yet to be a CF, and he shouldnt really be a TM either. Again, thanks for your feedback !
  2. I noticed that too, especially on IW´s or IF´s, they dont cross or pass into the box, not even if there´s a player unmarked, they just run to the goal line and try to shoot from an impossible angle. This needs fixing badly imo.
  3. So much negativity in this thread, holy moly. Since I started playing FM, which was FM15 I guess, I got around 1000 hours each year out of the game, for what, 50 Euro or so ? Which is AMAZING value for money. And that alone lets me shrug off all the smaller bugs or details that do not fit because come FM20 beta, and I look back at the FM19 year, I know It was worth. So instead of complaining about all the things maybe take a look at the positive things about FM, its a one-time purchase without any shady DLC´s, microtransactions (bar the few things, e.G ingame editor) or "momentum" crap.
  4. Could someone explain to me, or point me to a thread, how different the pressing mechanics ingame are ? For example, if I use "Gegenpress" in a 4-4-2, it will afffect my midfield 4 and my strikers. How does that work with a striker role that presses less for example ? Also, if I dont use Gegenpress and instruct my midfield 4 and my strikers to press more, where is the difference ? Surely the "Gegenpress" will be more aggressive right after losing the ball, but what if I do split press and go more aggressive on the slider opposed to "Gegenpress" ? Please pm or @ me as I am not online everyday, thank you very much !
  5. Thank you! I´ll keep the defenisve tips in mind. I want to follow up on the midfield roles tho, my idea behind the AP/BBM/BWM trio is that I have one defensive player, one hybrid (BBM, I always look for good defensive attributes aswell) and one attacking player. With a playmaker and the CM on attack I am afraid that I´ll expose my midfield, even tho the playmaker will hold position and not be as high up the field, his defensive attributes are lacking. I hope I expressed myself good enough.
  6. To add to this, I am just not sure what it would change as I have my back 4 on "Press less" PI´s anyway ?
  7. While that all makes sense, I dont struggle scoring goals. Its more about the defensive setup at away games, I barely concede at home and I barely draw games (2 in total this season, both being away games). So I am not looking to improve the attacking side of my team, if that makes sense.
  8. So what would you recommend, going on a attacking mentality or changing my roles. If so, which roles would I need ?
  9. The idea was to have the IF on support so he can track back (which ingame he does quite well tbh) while the CWB overlaps on the left, on the right I want my FB to stay back and act much like an IWB (PI drift inside, hold position) so he won´t go further then on par with my BWM (who stays back, but as you said presses a lot and tends to be further up the field). Thank you for your advice regarding the midfielders tho, I´ll change both roles. I am just not sure, I dont like having 2 players on attack on one side, the winger and the playmaker, but De Bruyne is doing very very well in the AP/A role (most goals/assists) so I´ll keep them both on A for now. Regarding the midfield trio: I want 2 creators/"playmakers" in the middle, thats why I have players like Bentancur/Fernandes G. on the BBM role as they are both very good in attack (finishing, passing, Fernandes had 19 goals across all competitions as a BBM, with 2,05 tacklings won per minute) alongside my playmaker De Bruyne/Foden. I have played with a BWM in the CM position on support with "Get Further Forward" and good PPM´s so I know it can work very well too, but being City I feel like playing 2 defensive midfielder hinders my chances at being deadly in the third half. And then I just cant play without a BWM as I feel its the best role in a pressing/posession system, thats why I put him in the DM role. I see the problem tho now, he isnt the holding DM I might need but I am not sure if I want to sacrifice my BBM players Fernandes/Bentancur to have 2 defensive players in this position. Thank you aswell. Do you mean I should turn off Counter-Press and instead instruct my players to press more ? I do use PI´s for my CB/FB to press even lesser as my pressing TI´s are already very high, so turning the TI´s off and the PI´s would probably have the current effect I suppose ? A 4-1-4-1 is not what I had in mind playing City as I want to dominate the enemy, I want to act, not react. There is no way Cardiff should empose their style of play on my team no matter the venue, so telling players like Sane or Mbappe to drop deeper and do more defensive work is not how its supposed to be, they already do cover the enemy FB and that is enough in my mind. Also, I have Harry Kane/Aguero as strikers, none of them is fast enough to really be my single threat upfront, given how I play with a DM too there is nobody upfront to get the ball or help my strikers out. That is actually a very good point, I´ll turn it off and have a look at the stats compared to before after a few games. Thanks !
  10. To give an idea about those 3 games, here they are in detail: Bournemouth: probably the game I deserved to lose "more". They had chances, good tacklings and a fair bit of possession, still, Bats scoring a hattrick when he only scored a single goal the entire season is some spooky stuff Cardiff: I mean.. 4 shots on target, 3 goals. Thats some League winner accuracy right there, right ? Salzburg: I couldnt make a sub because the game bugged out sadly and I am not reloading, so I could have maybe won this with a working game. Still, my starting eleven should have easily be able to beat them.
  11. Hey guys, I am getting incredible frustrated, yet again with away games. I have the best team in the league, some of the worlds best players, been dominating the EPL and CL and yet I ALWAYS find myself struggling at away games, no matter if its a big club like Liverpool or a small club like Cardiff. Everyone seems to be playing like they just got a drip infusion from Messi´s essence, its bugs the ever living hell out of me. Take a look at my schedule, 3 losses, 3 against weaker teams where I was the better team but couldnt find the win if my life depends on it. Thats 9 goals in 3 games conceded with a defense that is otherwise very very solid (11 goals conced in total from ALL OTHER games) Bournemouth trashed me with 5 !!!!! goals, Batshuayi only scored 1 goal all year long but suddenly became the re-incarnation of Maradano and Pele combined, scoring his probably first ever hattrick against me, and those werent tap ins or 1v1 counters, all 3 goals have been utterly world class. So he just upped his goal total to 4 all season with this hattrick, neat, isnt it ? This is my team, I am playing pog standard possession football with quick players on the break. I tried to play a 4-2-3-1 but holy hell it feels like playing without a DM is a suicide mission. I think its a very balanced squad with enough diverse attacking threat and a solid defensive line and a clear game plan. I cant see any faults in this, away or home game, so I need your help to tell me why I am such a god damn loser and cant handle away games.
  12. SK WB - CB - CB -WB DLP BBM - BWM AM AF - PF Duties should be obvious (red, blue and green same as in english) TI´s are: Shorter passing Pass into space Play out of defense Low ? flanks (the bottom option) Higher tempo Attacking with (2nd option to the right) Distrubute to CB, short passing Counter Gegenpress Much higher pressing line More urgent GK distribution pressing (not sure how excactly its called in E) Use offside trap
  13. This is my take on the Rose 4-3-2-1 (please ignore the City team/players), tweaked for the ME to work better. I´d go for a flat 3 CM too like you but honestly not playing with an DM seems so punishing this year (atleast for me) so I just brought my DM a row back with the same role/duty. If you want to replicate Leipzig you´d be better off with a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-1, the 4-3-2-1 diamon is pretty much "only" used by Rose/Maric- Recent formations from RBL came pretty much down to Jesse Marsch, thats why for the majority of the season Leipzig played with the more traditional 4-4-2. In Rose´s system Dabbur is pretty much either a DLF or a F9, his traits do reflect that playstyle very well too, getting the ball from deep and either holding it for the 10/striking partner or giving it a try for a shot. The 10 is no playmaker tho, either Wolf or Minamino, both rely heavily on their pace and technical attributes. Especially for Wolf who is not really good regarding vision or decision making IRL. For my FB I have them both on "sit narrower" and "close down less" as my TI´s are already very aggressive anyway and I dont want them to be over aggressive and get caught out of position.
  14. I am curious about your midfield roles. Have you tried both BWM/S and CM/S or A ? If so, have you noticed anything different ? I am toying with the idea to switch my BWM to a CM just so I can get rid of "tackle harder". Since I am using rather more creative midfielders in the BWM role with "Tackling" around 12-14, they do get a lot of yellow cards. In terms of winning the ball and pressing the opponent, are there any differences you might have noticed ?
  15. Seriously, ManU is already OP in the game anyway. You bought all the world-class player that are OP in the game too like Markovic, Marin, Barrios and so on. Belotti, Mbappe, Dybala, Lozano, SMS.. Its the year 2022 and I can see no regen in your team, no youth from your academy. The tactic is bog standard which requires absolutely no thinking or testing, a team this strong will always fare well with a 4-1-4-1 no matter how many players you have on attack duty. It requires a lot of luck to win every single game, especially if you just use a plug and play tactic. Sorry, but this is no achievement in my eyes as you did nothing yourself. Gratz tho for your ego I suppose.
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