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  1. SK WB - CB - CB -WB DLP BBM - BWM AM AF - PF Duties should be obvious (red, blue and green same as in english) TI´s are: Shorter passing Pass into space Play out of defense Low ? flanks (the bottom option) Higher tempo Attacking with (2nd option to the right) Distrubute to CB, short passing Counter Gegenpress Much higher pressing line More urgent GK distribution pressing (not sure how excactly its called in E) Use offside trap
  2. This is my take on the Rose 4-3-2-1 (please ignore the City team/players), tweaked for the ME to work better. I´d go for a flat 3 CM too like you but honestly not playing with an DM seems so punishing this year (atleast for me) so I just brought my DM a row back with the same role/duty. If you want to replicate Leipzig you´d be better off with a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-1, the 4-3-2-1 diamon is pretty much "only" used by Rose/Maric- Recent formations from RBL came pretty much down to Jesse Marsch, thats why for the majority of the season Leipzig played with the more traditional 4-4-2. In Rose´s system Dabbur is pretty much either a DLF or a F9, his traits do reflect that playstyle very well too, getting the ball from deep and either holding it for the 10/striking partner or giving it a try for a shot. The 10 is no playmaker tho, either Wolf or Minamino, both rely heavily on their pace and technical attributes. Especially for Wolf who is not really good regarding vision or decision making IRL. For my FB I have them both on "sit narrower" and "close down less" as my TI´s are already very aggressive anyway and I dont want them to be over aggressive and get caught out of position.
  3. I am curious about your midfield roles. Have you tried both BWM/S and CM/S or A ? If so, have you noticed anything different ? I am toying with the idea to switch my BWM to a CM just so I can get rid of "tackle harder". Since I am using rather more creative midfielders in the BWM role with "Tackling" around 12-14, they do get a lot of yellow cards. In terms of winning the ball and pressing the opponent, are there any differences you might have noticed ?
  4. Seriously, ManU is already OP in the game anyway. You bought all the world-class player that are OP in the game too like Markovic, Marin, Barrios and so on. Belotti, Mbappe, Dybala, Lozano, SMS.. Its the year 2022 and I can see no regen in your team, no youth from your academy. The tactic is bog standard which requires absolutely no thinking or testing, a team this strong will always fare well with a 4-1-4-1 no matter how many players you have on attack duty. It requires a lot of luck to win every single game, especially if you just use a plug and play tactic. Sorry, but this is no achievement in my eyes as you did nothing yourself. Gratz tho for your ego I suppose.
  5. I have this too, although I am using the league files from claasen. Do you play the vanilla game @JokesSenpai ? Can confirm its still 1 Leg in the 2023 season, starts in the 2022 season.
  6. Thank you, but it wasnt just me, in fact @Fire_03 did most, if not everything, on the attributes. I´ll be taking RBS in the future tho so any future changes to the team is coming from me most likely
  7. This is just the formation used for the match sheet. Minamino, while starting as a "striker", is used as a 10 or on the right wing in this 4-3-3 system. If you watched the game yesterday you can see the difference between Prevljak and Minamino in their role as a striker, so having Minamino as a winger is more than accurate given that Rose and Maric are playing a very fluent system with lots of creative freedom for the front 3. Since Minamino´s skills and abilities mirror those of a normal winger ingame and real life I do not think we should change it to a striker.
  8. Against a DM use an ACM to press, or switch your DLF to a DF/D to set your pressing line even deeper.
  9. Scouting and Player ratings need to change and here is why: To begin with, players should not have star rating for their potential. Its fine for their current ability as it indicates their position in your squad based on their attributes, but the PA should be gone as a whole for scouts and human managers (without the editor or database). IRL, scouts dont have that kind of information either, they form their opinion based on performances and statistics so why are we able to judge a player by their potential ability ? Sure they dont always fulfill our high expectations but their growth and development should differ a lot more than currently. Now what has to change ingame ? Its pretty simple, we already kind of have this in the game, scout reports based on performance and statistics. But that still needs to be improved, scouts should take waaaaaaay longer to finish their report about a player, you can´t just scout a player for 3 matches and say "thats it, he is brilliant". Make scout reports last half a season, or a season even so that the pre-season and summer transfer market get some value and importancy like in real life. Squad building has to take longer than 2 weeks of scouting different players and buying those with the best CA/PA. Just to give you an example, I was playing in the Austrian league and my striker had 19 goals in the Champions League, 21 in the Bundesliga and a couple more in friendlies and cup games. In other words he set the world on fire with his performance, was never injured and featured in over 40 games this season. Not a single offer has been made. Not a single one. I did get offers for my wonderkid center-backs tho that played just a few games and had an average rating of 6,88 or so, their stats havent been that great either. Thats super unrealistic, anyone that scores 19 goals in the CL is going to be bought up by a bigger club or atleast get some offers. The AI also has to change their transfer targets away from the CA and PA players (top teams buying unknown regens in October of the first season) and focus more on statistics and performance. This way we could also avoid bigger clubs stacking up on wonderkids and failing to develope them because they are not playing. In fact there is a player, Dario Maresic, that I NEVER saw fulfill his PA because he always gets signed by a huge club that never uses him although they dont need him. And why ? Because he has a good PA rating. We know too much about players! We know basically everything with minimal effort. How can the scouts know after 2 weeks that a certain player enjoys big matches ? They probably watched them 3 times in a league match against underdogs, how can they know ? Their wages ? We dont know that either for most of the players IRL, some are wild speculations and some are just plain wrong, so why do we see that ingame ? PPM´s, scouts cant know if a player likes to dictate tempo or try risky passes by just watching them for a short time, surely there are players like Robben who are famous for their moves or Youtube Highlight videos that give us an idea on how those players behave mostly IRL, but ingame it should take a lot longer to see what type of player we are scouting. There should be 2 ways to scout: Long term and short term. Long term for new players in our clubs scouting database, the regens, the wonderkids etc. And short term for players we already scouted, from the same league or it could even work with their world reputation, they more famous they are the less you need to scout.
  10. You can turn it on and off IIRC just like everything else like the League Table, Match stats etc.
  11. Pressing is basically non existant in the game right now, what you see is not really how managers like Pep, Klopp, Schmid etc. set up their team to press the opposition. And I am sure that you cant set a straight line of engagement right now, no matter what mentality you choose. For pressing, you have the pressing slider and the defensive line to determine how much you want to press, but not where. All your players will press all the time and you have to be careful not to press too much because then your defense will be out of position. Whats missing is pressing not only the player with the ball but the channels and passing options, we´ll see if we can create that kind of tactic with the new changes.
  12. As far as I understand, and how it works in RL, you´ll let the opposition play until a certain point of the pitch and then you begin to press them.
  13. As far as I understood, this is more for the post-game interviews and fanbase reactions, right ? Because surely VAR is not needed in a game simulation from my perspective. It does add a nice touch and realism into it, but the video above shows how long this process can take, given that VAR is being used fairly often in a game, this could mean we get unnecessary screen time from something that is basically not needed in a simulation. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to complain about something because I dislike it, I just genuinely feel its only in the game so it can be announced as something new and a feature. I´d like to hear your opinion on how useful or not it will be.
  14. Question: Where is the difference between 2 roles if I set the same PI´s on both other than the hard coded instructions ? For example, if DLP and CM have the same instructions, will player act different with different roles ? I hope this is understandable lol.
  15. Can someoen maybe officialy confirm if we get german language support or not with the BuLi license ? Thank you
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