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  1. not sure how to do that, the problem is not the size but not validating even though the rules are correct and works in game.
  2. because my file can't be verified, i verified it and uploaded a 2020 start file, so that would mean the ID's are already fixed at that point, which is why they might stay the same. also if you use any other editor files, that would also change
  3. Update, festivals and new years shopping are done and I am well rested. will now start on adding the proper high school qualification system for tournaments and will set all H.S teams as playable for those who want to start from rock bottom. I will look to add the level 7 (the 47 prefectural competitions) but will take a long time as i will be going slowly as to not lose my enjoyment along the way.
  4. what team. I will do it for you. you have to open the xml in notepad and seach for "verf" and and set it from false to true. or I can do it for you. if you want to play level 6th you have to start from 2019 and load the leagues in game or i can just send a save file to you
  5. btw i reckon the hardest challenge is Waseda United in Kanto league 2. using the universities minature stadium, not much rep and even if it reaches JFL or higher, a stadium must be built. and so it would be a hard feat to survive not only being the underdogs, but financial regulations as well!
  6. 2020 SAVE file with all leagues loaded, http://www.mediafire.com/file/fve124y35rrllum/Japan_Level_7_Pyramid_2020_Season.fm/file just place it in your games folder in the FM folder "editor data, graphics etc"
  7. and there are 3d kits and 2d kits for the first 2 leagues, also the club overview unlocker. if i can't fix the expansion ill just release it without it.
  8. the problem is that by creating a new league, all the leagues below it stops scheduling matches. so i have to recreate the old j3 east and west leagues. and should fix it. that com would start 2023
  9. still a bug, so what i am doing is still going to release a bug free file in the next 5 or so hours
  10. by having the real EC qualification system, it becomes near impossible to then do levels 7 without having to also do level 8 and making 8 inactive. that would also mean making all U18 teams and would be a couple weeks of work possibly. for the time being i am not planning to do 7, however there are easily enough teams in the database. i got the expansion working, but with another bug i have to fix now. getting somewhat close
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