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  1. Updated A,B and state leagues with realistic salary caps that will increase every few years to create a realistic expansion. A,B and state national will have realistic salary rules which will reach their peak from 2025-2029 with the A-league going from 3.2 mil to 8mil, B-league from 1.6 to 4mil etc. TO DO: find a way to make teams spend at least a certain amount so that they are utilising the salary cap properly since the editor is bugged this year. create a more meaningful youth competitions. Australia V3.fmf
  2. Hey guys, I've added a version with the salary cap intact, but will increase each year as in real life but at an increased pace. the B-League will also have a salary cap that is half of the a-league. done enough testing to ensure it works. Australia V2.fmf
  3. yeah, as someone who is coaching in Japan at the moment, i really think it would take realism to the next level.
  4. Hey fellow managers and players alike. What I am proposing is not easy, in fact I can already see the potential issues, however because these rules and qualifications are the same as in real life, it would in fact make the game so much more interesting. Currently the managers and assistant managers have (national c-a and continental c-pro) licenses in fm 19. However, most continents these days start from continental c to pro. Also each of these licences only lasts for 2-4 years and has to be renewed based on results and other criteria. Also for example premier league and most 1st division leagurs require a manager to have at least continental a license or that club cannot participate. In continental competitions the rule states that even if you are qualified to participate the manager requires a pro license to participate. Ex players have a higher chance to get the licenses as IRL and would make managers stay at clubs longer knowing that these rules are in place would make the game more challenging. What are everyone's thoughts?
  5. I am actually moving there permanently in december as I am getting married and I will be a referee at the JFL league! so i might be able to get some inside knowledge for you guys!
  6. they can't because of their arrangement with FIFA. you know the japanese, if it's not perfect then you can't have it at all
  7. The reason being is more difficult than just licensing issues. the J.League License is only sold to ONE company under strict guidelines. DAZN for outside Japan and Sky Perfect TV! (might have changed this season) for inside Japan. Konami had the Digital License, Now FIFA has it as they were the highest bidder, as Japan isn't in the FIFA players database, like how with Brazil clubs have the right to sell licenses individual and national players have the right on whether they want their information to be used. With Japan the JFA have the complete rights. and with the Match Record sheets filled out in Japanese with only the player names in English, It is incredibly hard to get contract information. SI don't have the budget to buy this league, because it would cost them more than it's worth.
  8. forgot to mention. I can handle reputation and some player stats (don't know how to do it though) as I am a referee for SL5,4,2 and U20 NPL) in Victoria and SL West
  9. you can have both databases open at the same time, just rename editor.exe to editor19 and editor18.exe you can't open by steam anymore but you can open from the folder.
  10. yeah i'm having issues cause the A-League runs october to may and it doesn't like the NPL season running though the season end day which is hard coded on 30th May if you want to keep the current A-League rules
  11. Able to create the NPL competitions with the finals for each of the states. trying to create the NPL finals but the editor doesn't seem to like me so ill move to creating the NYL and the NPL2 competitions if someone could do the finals i would be happy! Australia.fmf
  12. Australia Div 1 is from OCT till MAY and Div 2 and below is FEB to SEP. I keep getting the error that DIV 2 fixtures don't Finnish in time of season update.
  13. OMG they have the rules converted in the Advanced editor for the first time ever!! still need some holp though
  14. Hey guys! loving FM19 already! just want to create a realistic Australian database. except the A-League is like the MLS in that it has 100 rules. I can re create the salary cap easily in the editor and i am mildly experienced with using the advanced editor, but i still need some guidance from you awesome guys here, because I am adding future expansion into the league and increasing the salary cap each year as is happening in real life can someone tell me which of these rules can be copied if any, cause i know it's hard coded. "Players on Designated contracts are exempt from the salary cap. The board will determine whether a player is deemed to be of sufficient quality to warrant Designated designation. Clubs have a maximum of two Designated slots available to them. If a player is ages 23 or younger and holds citizenship, they might also qualify for Homegrown status should they be signed from the club's own youth team or from the Australian Centre of Excellence (Team). The combined Homegrown wages, up to a maximum of 112,000 pounds p/a, are exempt from the salary cap. For teams based in New Zealand, these rules also apply to players of New Zealander Nationality and/or citizenship as well as Australian. Clubs can also sign one Guest player per season that can play for up to 27 consecutive matches in the regular season: these players can play in the finals too provided they have played at least 4 matches in the regular season and if they are still at the club when the regular season is over. Guest players are also exempt from the salary cap and don't need to be registered in the A-League squad. As per Designated players, the board will determine whether a player is deemed to be of sufficient quality to warranty a Guest player contract. On top of these, clubs can sign one Mature Age Rookie player: these players must be 231 years old or older, must be signed from a non professional Australian club and must never have played in the A-League before, As per Guest players, Mature Age Rookies are exempt from the salary cap and don't need to be registered in the A-league squad. Another rule is that clubs can spend up to a collective 112,000 pounds p/a across any number of players that have given 5 or more consecutive seasons of service to the club. A portion of a Loyalty Payer's contract value is excluded from the Salary Cap on a progressive scale from 25% (5th continuous season) to 505=% (10th continuous season onwards). Clubs can save up to 71,500 pounds p/a in salary cap money each season to be spent on top of the salary cap allowance in one of the next two seasons. Only the last 2 banked salary cap choices are available each season and only one of them can be used each season." Would appreciate any help thanks!!!
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