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  1. upload your save file or match files that you think show this because SI cant apparently do anything unless you upload your files
  2. thats my tactic, when i play away i usually start with a balanced mentality and i use attacking mentality at home Chelsea at home .fmf
  3. Playing with chelsea and I won the cup and league first season. Currently in my second season and I win every game. I realize I am playing with a good team but I am even dominating against teams like PSG, LIverpool, City PSG and Barcelona. Either my tactic is simply very OP i created or there is a bug. I attached some PKM for you too see. Otherwise really enjoying this years game loving the versatility in how the players finish and score goals. Chelsea v Leicester.pkm Chelsea v Liverpool.pkm Chelsea v Paris SG.pkm FC Bayern v Chelsea.pkm Chelsea v Barcelona.pkm
  4. same here with chelsea absolutely dominating every match even when I play players out of position
  5. sure he could but is just a coincidence that he happens to be up there with the top scorers in every save I do in the premiier league since like fm17?
  6. alright I am sorry if I caused any offence. DIdnt mean to come off as rude I know y'all are doing a job here. But in my personal opinion it should not happen. That he gets that many goals. And also I cant provide the info because It has happened in all my saves from earlier games as well. I always saw him do amazingly for bournemouth as well in earlier versions. 9/10 times. Maybe some little attribute tweak needs to happen!!
  7. your right exactly. I once posted on this forum that there were too many goals in the game which got quite a lot of attention and then they nerfed it (i believe) and then i feel that there arent enough LOL, its probably very hard for them to find a balance as is imagined. At least I feel that some of the world class players in the world don't score as much as they do in real life. But whether there are too little goals on average I dont exactly know about. Just from my personal experience the numbers that the likes of salah. mane, Messi, ROnaldo get in real life arent exactly and havent been e
  8. check on Miles twitter and foootball manager twitter and you will know what I mean LOL. Everyone is saying that what I am saying
  9. exactly finally i feel someone agrees!!, i posted on reddit that i felt the game was too easy and all i got was downvotes and people telling me to pick a harder team than chelsea. But its not that easy to win the BPL cup and CL in the first season even with Kante injured for 2 months.
  10. its unrealistic how good he is in the game. It does not represent reality because in real life he is at best average striker. Make it more realistic have Salah, Mane, Kane, Sterling these types of players more often than not be top scorers. Its unrealistic to see Salah/Mane score only 10 goals in a season as happened in my save. Where callum wilson was OP. Playing FM21 beta but I know this is an issue in previous games too
  11. I am in 3rd season with Schalke in february and i cant load my game really frustrating. I have even tried the backup saves that were before in time. Like in january and even earlier. I just get the error message "game could not be loaded". I have posted here previously because of a bug I experienced in another game save were all player stats history was erased. I am starting to become suspiscious if there is maybe something wrong with my mac its quite old. Or there is something causing the game saves to error. I cant post the files here because it says the file size is too big and only allowed
  12. I reckon this might be hard to do but its worth a request. I feel this would really improve the 3D experience in Football Manager. To basically have the real stadiums of the clubs, like in 3D. Similar to what fifa does with their licenses they sometimes have the real stadiums licensed in 3d. Like to make the stadium look in 3D exactly the way it looks in real life. A lot of the time I for example see in the lower leagues that the stadiums look nothing like they look in real life. Like some clubs in vanarama non league have big stands as if they are City lol which is really unrealistic. And som
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