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  1. Hi there, I am fully aware that FM Touch isn't supported by the Amazon Fire 8 HD, I must ask out of curiosity is this due to the specifications of the device or more down to Amazon insisting on creating a seperate market place for their devices. Is this something that may possibly change in the future, as I would love more ways to ignore people convincingly on the 8:15 to Liverpool Street. Kind Regards JM
  2. Quite a simple one this, but I would love it if we could add a customisable colour wheel to the postit note icon on player notes, and possibly redesign the note icon itself so it can be displayed with a little prominence (easier to click). This way when making a sub for example, I will know instantly that any player on my bench that has a green post it icon (for example) is a better screen MC than a creative one. Where as a Blue post it icon signifies he is a better creative MC for example.
  3. Personally i follow these rules for youth training I allow Rest days before and after match I limit match day training to 1 step short of minimum (usually on tactical) I make sure none of their overall workloads exceed heavy (I usually set intensity to light or average at most) I focus heavily on individual training, identify the position I want them to train in, and set the additional focus on an individual stat I feel needs most focus. I never ever train PPMs on U19/18s via the training screen, this is a massive over burden on their workload I feel, however I will train their PPMS from tutoring if applicable I follow the same method as Dr. Hook's preseason regime As for my general training throughout the season, Dr. Hooks advice is pretty good advice. However if I have identified a style of play I want to employ in the future, then I do often can zero in team training that suits this to min/max the stats I feel are best. I divide your training up into 90 chunks (you can use in game notes to remind you of when 3 months have passed)
  4. What a mouthful that is... Hello all, Just wanted to share some tactics with people who like testing them etc etc. There are some videos to support these tactics. These tactics have worked best for me for underdog teams. 442 Counter Attack (Bias Right) - Tested with Poole (this tactic focuses play on the right wing, adjust this to suit your team) Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821241134 Supporting Video: Counter Attacking the middle 4 5 1 (Tested with Gainsborough Trinity) Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820628387 Supporting Video: 541 Underdog Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=823959833 Supporting video: Would really love your feedback if you enjoy testing tactics
  5. Hi Guys some real fantastic stories here I miss my old save , but I restarted it, and am doing it in video form. Because I have not posted in the forums I cant really add my name in the hat (again) but if anyone is interested in my story, my playlist is here It starts off a little rough on the edges, but I seem to evolve with my beloved Lowestoft
  6. Hello all, I am currently doing the @dafuge Challenge on you tube. The start is a little rough around the edges, but I am currently 44 episodes in (not all are published) and would love it if you would check me out and if you feel like it leave your thoughts. Many Thanks <3 SSFM (Links to follow)
  7. Hi guys, Might wanna take me of the score board, I lost my save
  8. Well, All good things and all that - I accidently deleted all my FM saves How did I do this? well I formatted my HDD... and apparently F and E don't look unique enough from one another (sadface) That said I am restarting the save with Lowestoft and I will be doing a highly polished (he says) "Vlog" series with it
  9. @michaeltmurrayuk Are you sure you didn't use an editor... I mean, Arsenal actually getting out of the group stages of the Champion's league? c'mooooon
  10. @Mr_Demus Those end season dips in form are a killer! Did some of your squad become jaded? if you notice that happening give em a week leave (if you can) Also gratz on having a youth prospect early on, not the most common of occurrences in my saves. Good Luck for season 2
  11. @michaeltmurrayuk is the customisation expert... what's the matter- Neon Pink kits melting your mind?
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